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Search for woman know the meaning of true love be
Online: 2427 days ago   Updated: 2427 days ago   Joined: 2427 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: African   Location: jjkguh Alexandria Egypt
The Details
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  Smokes only when drinking
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About Me

I'm a young Egyptian live in a beautiful environment I work organized tourist programs like fun and with a smile I hope a woman honest know the meaning of love and life for a family of integrated I love sincerity and honesty lie has no place in my life I wish from the heart to serve you partner with me you will not regret in your life with me and with a smile Will haunt your face I promise you this and your face says you are a woman know the meaning of love and honesty and I hope to God that you be a woman who inhabit the heart and soul I am serious in my life and all not want in this life you will find me this is not the words of Chat but it is from within the heart for you and I promise you that you have A beautiful life full of love and romance My name is Baker and I want to put your hand in my hand only and I promise you will not regret in life with me in all sincerity and respect, I swear to you truly wish to be a good partner with me, and a family of integrated I'm a young Egyptian live in a beautiful

What I'm Looking For

Search for woman know the meaning of true love be honest sincere, even when I find will be given life, all of which have and will also gave the spirit and emotions of Fine them you will not regret must be in love with me I am very serious I am not looking for a relationship Chat only, but search for enduring love and stay with some people always And would be happy with me I hope that I can find this girl he was looking for that dream

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