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Looking for Mr right
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The Basics
  Age: 35   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: addison Illinois United States
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About Me

I'm a hopeless romantic geeky gamer looking for that special someone. I've enjoyed video gaming all my life. Asides from gaming I like to read the occasional book, be it from the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries, Drizzt Books, Romance Novels, to Dragon Age: The Calling.

Other things I like to do on my own spare time is to draw, write, and sing.

Things I like doing with friends is hanging out, going to the movies, bowling (although I must confess I royally suck at it XD), playing board games, and rarely karaoke.

I also like to travel when I can afford it and have vacation time. Seattle is one of my most favorite places! It's been pretty interesting what's beyond big o'l Texas.

So let's see other things I like in more detail! Wooo! :

Favorite Food: italian. Oh my lord I love Fettuchine Alfredo! :D I adore pasta.

Games: RPGs (Lost Odyssey, Secret of Mana, Suikodens, Some Final Fantasies, Baldur's Gate ii Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal and much, much more). I'm a big fan of Assassin Creed and World of Warcraft too! And I -can't wait- for Dragon Age: Origins.

Music: Almost everything. I prefer Rock Alternative, a little bit of Jpop. And some stuff like E.S. Posthumus. I also like to listen to instrumental classical to help the muse when drawing or writing.
Movies: Comedies, Romance, Action, Mysteries. I'm not really a fan of Horror to be honest. Over active imagination leads to nightmares XD I'm a big baby what can I say!

Misc: I sing in the car when I good song comes on. Yes I'm that person you see that goes all out sometimes. >.> Sometimes.

As far as religion and politics go I'm not a big participator of either. I'll never be that person that will be like ogodno not religion HSSSSS. If that's what you believe I can totally respect that. All I ask if for the same level of respect in return. :)

As far as politics go that's just one thing I tend to be quiet on. I've seen some friendships crash and burn thanks to political differences. It's just not worth the headache!

All in all though I'm just a day dreaming gal who's looking for someone to treat her right. :)

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone I can be comfortable with. I know that's pretty vague and broad so let me elaborate. :)

I'm looking for someone that is a geek like me, who likes to go to the movies, who likes to play the same games I like, and has a sense of humor. If you can go up on a karaoke stand and belt out whatever notes be it tone-deaf or spot on with a smile and a wink you'll send my heart aflutter.

I love a man who is willing to open a door for me. Someone who checks up on me to see if I'm smiling if for whatever reason I wasn't when I left. I'm looking for someone who won't mind being that shoulder I cry on, who's willing to lend an ear when I vent, and someone who isn't afraid of providing advice.

And lastly he has to be romantic.

Some people say chivalry is dead, but I know there are some princes out there. But we'll see!


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