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Nature Walk?
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The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Methuen Massachusetts United States
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  Casual, Stylish, Average
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About Me

Hey! I'm Ashley.

-I'm a very friendly gal who likes adventure.
-I love going for nature walks and fishing/camping
-I'm very into photography and do side gigs
-I just got a new job as a debt collector (yay..)
-I'm graduating with my Associates in the spring in Business Management
-I like jokes. PG or R :P
-I'm a very giggly person, I laugh a lot.
-I listen to all types of music! No lie.
-Chinese food is one of my favorites.
-My favorite color is yellow
-I'm a Leo and I love that fact. (I think it's one of the greatest astrological signs)
-I love hanging out and playing games (board, card, video whichever!)
-I can be a wicked dork sometimes, but not to the point of being awfully embarrassing...well no promises actually.
-I have a weakness for guys in baseball caps. I find men more attractive in them. I don't know why lol
-A majority of my family live up in NH, so I'm a country girl at heart!
-I have two kitties who are my babies, so if you don't like cats, don't bother.

and yupp, thats me in a nut shell

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What I'm Looking For

-Well since I'm a Leo, I require attention. (that means texts or calls that let me know yer thinking about me lol)
-Someone genuine and respectful of not only me but the people I care most in my life.
-Someone who can prove that chivalry isn't dead.
-I love to laugh, you need to have a sense of humor and if you can make me laugh, the easier I fall.
-Someone who isn't a mooch and has a good head on his shoulders.
-Someone very personable, not super shy and quiet.
-Someone who is family oriented or at least enjoys being around my family.
-Not someone who is lazy. Needs to like being outside (more so in the nice weather. Winter kinda blows)

and yah, thats about it.


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