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  Age: 41   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Arvada Colorado United States
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  Clean Cut
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About Me

I was a thief for a lot of years... a pretty damn good thief. God - I am loving typing this thing. In a couple of weeks here you may here a story about me involving a safe, several million dollars worth of jewels and television evangelist. Kinda sounds like a movie right? Real life is such a strange place (I don't know a lot about the real world). But, a little about me... I have been to jail a lot of times but never to prison.
I come from a good family who I love very much. I always have (and probably always will) be sort of unusual. I like to try everything... not just a taste. I like fast. I like anything with a thrill. However, don't let me scare you off... I am totally legal these days... well.... at least I don't steal anymore. I made that commitment to my family and myself. And, I have a spiritual side too.
You know what? If you want to know more you're just going to have to ask. You could wait for the book "Thieves" to come out. In fact, I highly suggest you get a copy for all of your loved ones as a stocking stuffer. Don't steal them. I will come find you. Kidding. But, if you wanted a hint of my spiritual beliefs, then type "Trey Smith God in a Nutshell project" into Google.
Things are never what they seem.

Trey Smith-

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for you. I have already typed a lot so I am simply wasting typinmg space. I am looking for a good girl. I want a great personalitity... boring... boring... boring.... Am I at 100 words yet.... My God.... Have you really read all this? You should be messaging me already. You are wasting time.

Ok- 100 words - fantastic!!!!


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