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want a guy to love and accept me for me
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  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Michigan United States
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About Me

i'm 19 i'm single and looking i graduated from lansing eastern high school (class of 2011) i get judged and bullied because i have a walking disability (cerebral palsy) now a STD (genital herpes) before you judge me get to know me i love to watch tv and movies AND YES I'M OBSESSED WITH TWILIGHT SO GET THE **** OVER IT music is my passion i'm one of the most nicest kindest and honest people you will ever meet I AM HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS AND NOTHING SEXUAL SO PERVS LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE i'm 4'10 i love music and movies and go online i love video games (grand theft auto games classical mario bro donkey kong and sonic the hedgehog) 92% of my family disowned me i have trusting issues bc all my life i've been lied to and betrayed i love italian mexican and chinese my favorite color is baby blue i get very emotional at times all i want is to find true love for a guy to love me for me and accept me for me and who isn't a****ead who makes me pay for the dates (i have never actually been on a real date before) and for him to treat me right and to always be there when i need him all my past relationships i've been cheated on lied to used and felt sorry for my ex lied for almost 8 months telling me he loved me and we'll be together and i was his one and only he even asked me to marry him and he went to job corp and less then two weeks he was already with another girl and the worst part is he made me feel guilty and feel like crap if i didn't sleep with him unprotected so now i have herpes just want a guy to accept me for me and love me for me this is a mistake i regret i thought he really loved me i mean i really loved him but i guess that wasn't enough i just wanna know why if he felt like that since day one why didn't he just tell me and why did he guilt me into sleeping with him telling he loves me and that i'm his one and only and he's not going anywhere he was even there when i got tested for herpes and told me i'm his forever now i'm alone I WOULD HAVE NEVER SLEPT WITH HIM IF I KNEW HE NEVER LOVED ME HE HONESTLY MADE ME BELIEVE WHAT WE HAD WAS REAL
What I'm Looking For

a guy who will look past my walking disability and std i want a real relationship i'm sick of getting lied to cheated on used and felt sorry for

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