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I am looking for adventure
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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: monticello Arkansas United States
The Details
Body Type:
  A few extra pounds
Eye Colour:
  Yes - living with me
Hair Length:
Sexual Orientation:
About Me

What I am all about:
I am loud and I am unashamed. I like to make people laugh and I like to laugh. I am a human and I make mistakes that I can own up to but I am also stubborn so watch out.
Things that have bothered me:
The people you hang out with reflect who you are. I dont want anyone to diminish my image because the oppinions of the people I love count to me. So I want a kind hearted soul and a person who can understand that I wont put up with bull to talk to or date. I have had dates in the past think that they can controll me and they cant. I have had dates in the past try to stop me from being with my friends or family. They wouldnt even let me be on my own. So listen up I am an independent woman who likes to have time to herself and time with her friends and family. There will be plenty of time for whoever I date if I like him well enough so dont worry.
I am looking for:
In a friend I want someone I can hang out with and be myself. Fear not if I dont like what is going on I will leave. In a mate I want someone who is kind, caring, loving, understanding, and has a great personality. I want to feel safe and I like daring people. I want to have fun no matter what I am doing.
My funniest life experience:
Well I will tell you about my nickname Muddpuppy. When I was 12 my mom and dad were divorced and I was spending time with my dad. He had 2 horses and he was teaching me how to ride and I was doing real good. My dad decided to play follow the leader and so I followed him. We jumped over obstacles and made sharp turns. Finally my dad ran his horse through a huge mud puddle. My horse does not like mud she is prim and proper, I guese but at the time I did not know this. When you make a turn on a horse you must lean into it a little so I did. Well my horse went right and I went left. I landed in the mud and that is how I got my nickname.
Cool Movies:
I love romantic comedies. My mom says they are female ( ) and that life doesnt happen the way they do in the movies but I am a romantic and I can only hope that someone would find me special enough to do something sweet like they do in the movies.
My Favorite Groups are:
I love rock. But I listen to christian music. My favorite bands are Third day and Toby Mac. However I love lots of music and will listen to anything that has a good beat and I can dance to.
I am looking for a personality like:
Well I am going to be myself no matter who I am with. I used to be shy but through the years I have been hurt and it has all made me a strong willed and loud person. I have no shame anymore and talk to anyone and talk about anything I might still blush alittle but it wont slow me down. I hope people can feel comfortable around me. I am a very nice and kind hearted person and am willing to work with anyone I meet so long as I am not comprimised.
Are you willing to compromise in difficult times and situations?
Yes and no. I will not compromise who I am and what I believe in just because someone is unhappy with me or what I do. If it is something simple yes I will compromse but a compromise means both parties go halfway.
Willingness to meet others from boM:
I have met a few people on the internet but nothing worked out. I dont do alot of things that would help me meet people in real life and some of the people I do meet in real life are duds. So I am kindof hoping I can find someone special this way. But I dont know we will see what happens.
Are you ready to start from scratch?
I have no-one special in my life right now and cant see anyone in the future.(Unless I meet someone) I would like to have a special friend(mate) or someone to just hang with but again we will see what happens right.
My Perfect Date:
Look I am not going to lie to anyone because I am not ashamed of who I am or what I do. If you dont like children and wont treat me or my little girl with respect dont talk to me. She is the light of my world and nothing can come infront of that. As far as a date I dont really have a preferacne on a perfect date but i do have some annoyances like I dont want to have to worry about taking my own money(I have had that problem befor) and I am not easy espceacily on the first date so if you want some dont come asking me. Except for that I am pretty laid back so a first date can be anything you make it to be.
My Wish List Includes:
Oh how I wish I could travel the world. I have become very adventurous and would like to do all kinds of scarry things. I have become an addreniline junkie since I joined Taekwondo. I want to go bungee jumping, sky diving, snorkling, hang gliding, and anything else that might be exciting and fun.

What I'm Looking For

I want a best friend. I want a lover a mate. I want a man who isn't afraid to love a woman and a to have a woman to love him. I want a father for my daughter and more children eventually. I want someone who is adventurous and excited about new things. I want someone to love and to love me. I want the bells and whistles you know. I want to know i am needed. I sound sappy but I love the old fashioned values. I want a MAN. The man of the house, the spiritual leader, the bread winner. Kind caring compassionate loving hard working sincere interested fatherly

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