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Searching for awesome funny, gentleman!!!
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  Age: 27   Gender: Female   Race: Other   Location: California United States
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  Average, Voluptuous
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About Me

Lesseee...19 years old, not very funny even though I try to be, I'm horrible with jokes. I'm very sarcastic I guess. I know what I want for the most part, to be a teacher and someday a history professor at a university. I love history, I love reading random books from the teen section minus twilight. ugh damn you twilight!!!
I love Tamora Pierce and I greatly hope she comes out with her new book soon. I love watching tv and playing soft core videogames, Sonic games, Harvest moon, heavenly Sword, and other random rpgs my friends happen to show me now and again.
I LOVE MUSIC!!! There's nothing worse than living in that empty room buzz when no one is there. I love rock mostly Disturbed and Within Temptation among my favorites but I do love Crush 40 as well. Though I've actually never been to a concert...XD
Love anime, mostly shojo, Ouran High School, Karin was ok, Chibi Vampire it's much better and sadder counterpart, One piece, Baccano (wait that's not shojo...shit.) Please don't talk to me about Naruto, Sasuke needs to die and FAST DAMNIT!!!
Hmm, there's not much else here. I work, I learn, I listen, and I lurve XD

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone who wants to be a part of my life. Someone with whom I can talk to and will be there for me when I need them. Someone who understands what it means to be a real gentleman, who can treat me like a real woman but understands when to call me on my shit. Someone who doesn't really mind my random blonde moments but appreciates my philisophical ones as well. Most importantly, I want someone to laugh with me.
It might sound a bit cheesy but this is really what I'm looking for. If I don't message you back within a few days, btw, it means I'm NOT INTERESTED. I've had random stalkers on websites and it's getting creepy. XP I want a man who understands the concept of NO.
Hmm, I don't care if you like to read, but I do. Anime lovers prefered, but not really necessary...why do I sound like I'm filling out a job ad, IDK, maybe it is a bit of a chore. Hmm, I don't like broken puppies, but I'm here for a hug if you need it... ^_^


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