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Love is a serious mental disease :P
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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Texas United States
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I'm a pretty easy going, kind of guy. I like going to movies and hanging out with friends etc. People say I'm hilarious, and I love trying to make others laugh. Though I can be mature when I need to be, and when it matters. I'm really just a huge dork. I've been told by a close friend that I'm "hilarious in a non-provoking way, that I'm a loyal and non-judgmental friend and that I see humor in nearly every aspect". I was in the Airforce for 4 years and was stationed in awesome places like Germany and Turkey. Also let the records show that I have a car, my own place and, a job. It may not be the best or highest paying job, but know that I aspire to be something more one day (and it pays the bills).
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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone that has a great sense of humor (I love funny people who try not to take things too seriously). If you like Adult Swim, Family Guy, The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, or any movie with Will Smith, Jim Carey, Will Ferrel or Adam Sandler, etc that's a good start. Trust is pretty big, I mean little secrets are fine, we've all got secrets, but in a relationship trust is a big deal. Oh and I've also got ADD. I think most people have some form of ADD, and I'm absolutely not immune to it. It's like I'm having a serious conversation, then it's "hey what's that? Oooo...shiny". I like women with intelligence, though they don't have to be "book smart" (if that makes any sense). I would love to have an intellectual conversation with a significant other. In my opinion, there's nothing more attractive than a smart chick. Let your mind speak for you, not your body. I don't play games with people and honestly don't care for them. Except video games, but that's neither here nor there lol. I'm religious, but I'm not the type to force religion on people. You never know who you may offend and I'm not interested in offending people.

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