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Hello, This is just a little bit about me
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  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: houston Texas United States
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About Me

This is just a little bit about me in case you would like to know.My name is ASHLEYMAE FRANCESCA MARIE"AKA" CESKA AND ASHLEY.born in LOUISIANA and I have a cat named ALBERT.
I love to see different fashions specially if its Gothics , cultures and interest’s people have. I love to dance, I am currently learning contortion-ism, alongside that I love to belly dance, and hula hoop, I love circus acts, and the theater.AND ALSO I LOVE VAMPIRES AND I WISH TO BE ONE SO THAT I CAN BITE YOU LOL..

Another passion of mine is art, my mum used to be an artist, so I grew up around watching her paint, although it’s not something I do very often, when I do paint or draw Its something I really enjoy, I mostly draw nude art, or watercolour landscapes.Anyone, who knows me, will know I love Elvis Presley, huge fan of his and always will be. I am a girly girl … I love makeup, jewellery, and pretty pink things!
As you may see by my pictures, they are quite suggestive, so everyone’s initial thought is that I have no class, dignity or self respect, I will leave everyone to have their own opinion, however I am quite the opposite, I have little confidence in public, very paranoid, and quite insecure, everyone has their flaws and manages to not let them get in the way, that’s not the case with me. Remember this is the internet and very different to the real world.
I am extremely shy, and will not properly engage in conversation until I feel confident enough. Once I get talking, I will not be quiet, I am very bubbly, and laugh at almost everything; it can be a good and bad thing!

If there is anything you would like to know about me which I haven’t mentioned, come and say hi xoxoxoxox

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What I'm Looking For

Intimacy is important to me in terms of relationships. so what im looking for in a guy is cuddly and romantic
I love people who can understand my highs and lows, my weaknesses and strengths. thats why im looking for a guy who has great sense of humor and patient and understanding.
i love pasta so if u can cook dif. variety of pasta that could be a plus factor . feel free to talk to me if u think u have that qualifications^_^

adorableashleycastle att y5hoo dot cumm


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