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The Basics
  Age: 50   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Lexington North Carolina United States
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

Hi my name is Angela. My friends and family call me Angel (not because I deserve it ;)) I'm a student and work part-time. I love to laugh and have fun. I like to swim, shoot pool, play card games, hang out with friends and family while grilling out with a beer or two, I quit smoking six years ago and I don't ever plan on doing that again so I do prefer a partner who doesn't smoke or who is trying diligently to quit and not just talking about it. I like to fish and camp, bonfires with a beer and marsh mellow (yes, I like the combination), I like to read when I can, I love watching Game of Thrones, True Blood, Life's too short, Curve Your Enthusiasm, Bored to Death on HBO. I like to go to the beach or the mountains (beach when it's hot and the mountains when it's cold), I like talking to different people at work and make them smile or laugh, I like making people feel good and not being negative all the time. I'm optimistic and ambitious about my future and my life. I live with my brother right now and he has two kids part-time and I love them both but I don't have any of my own and that's ok. I'm back at the gym exercising and I'm working on making that a habit something that I can't live without and would like a partner that will go with me and do the same thing. I love to be outdoors when the whether is nice. I'm looking for someone who will be honest, faithful, have a great sense of humor (this is a must, I can't stand to be the only one laughing, it's just too embarrassing), someone who will walk beside of me and not in front of or behind me, someone who wants to be around me even if it's only at the grocery store, someone who can fix something or willing to learn how to fix something, someone who is ambitious and optimistic and not negative and crabby all the time, someone who will work and not be lazy depending on someone else all the time, someone who can and likes to cook, someone I can talk to without judgement, someone who isn't hard to please and isn't shallow and superficial, someone who opens a door for a lady and not knocking her down trying to get through the door first, someone who respects themselves because then they will respect me, someone who is sociable and talks to people, not stuck up and looks down on people and their misfortunes, be kind and shows it. I believe in God and you must too. I don't go to church every time the doors are open but I need someone who will go with me the days I do go. I am open minded and would like my partner to be too. I'm not a picky eater and I appreciate someone who isn't as well. I'm sure there are other things but some aren't as important as others. So if you are interested send me a message and lets get our friendship started. Take Care!
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What I'm Looking For

I want someone who is honest, open-minded, funny (ha ha), sociable, optimistic, ambitious, hard-working, loving, affectionate, non-smoker, faithful, trustworthy, caring, passionate, and wants to be around me walking beside of me.

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