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Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!
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The Basics
  Age: 44   Gender: Female   Race: African   Location: Pennsylvania United States
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  Yes - living with me
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About Me

A funny girl with amazing eyes, and love to laugh and smile, fun, outgoing person, smart but can be a total blonde at times, someone who likes meeting new people, a person who never would just turn on people, a very good friend, someone you can trust, when mad stand clear might blow my top, but a person who doesn't get mad easily so you dont have to worry about that.
Extremely rare beauty inside & out, loyal to friends & family & will stand by you as long as you will let me; very supportive, know how to love no other way than hard, have a deep passion for life & the things that are important to me, Sometimes my passion can be mistaken for attitude but, let it be known, it's only because I'm misunderstood by some, the passion is real & for no other purpose, naturally beautiful - making some green with envy of their natural features; so it is only fitting that they have keen interest in the nature around & preserving natural beauty, born with it & wired to love & care for things in their natural state as well as all creatures big and small
Generally enjoy the finer things in life, have trouble showing feelings, and take sometime to warm up to new people, don't trust easily, but that shouldn't stop you from trusting me, very trustworthy, need someone who will listen to them and give their honest opinion. Very blunt, and speak their minds often, caring and usually very sexy, know how to flirt in a very suddle way that drives men crazy, know how to get what I want, hoping to find someone without having to hang out at the bars!! Although I do like to get out every so often for some dinner, drinks, movies whatever the day may bring. I also dont mind just spending time at home and cuddling on the couch with the right person, With work and life's other responsibilities my potential dating pool is limited. I don't really want to date anyone from work so here I am. Just looking to get out and have some experiences with a great person.
I'm looking for someone to adore.
Some random facts about me:
I have a big family.
Youngest of 5.
My dad is 1 of 12.
I have 3 children.
Love yoga.
Attitude is everything.
Peanut m&ms go in the freezer. Actually, I like putting most of my chocolate in the freezer or fridge. Love a chilled peppermint patty.
Gummi bears and Cheese cake are my favorites.
I have my goofy moments.
I love the comma, use it way too much, and incorrectly, but I can't help it.
Try to learn something new everyday about anything
Witty, clever, angel devil chameleon
Enjoy chilling
Been called a smart ass before
Positive with a dash of cynicism
Believe chivilary has a place in this modern world.
Love people watching.
"Thank you" and "please" can never be used too much.
Dig roadtrips.
I have a Facebook page.
Believe balance is essential. Love the yin-yang.
I say "Hi" to strangers.
I've traveled around the country a bunch
Love Massage Therapy
Not into FWB!!

What I'm Looking For

Top of the apple tree to where most are ripe and not the ones at the bottom to where most are rotten. Honest sincere, loving and strong. Long term relationship as long as the chemistry, trust and respect is there!

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