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  Age: 61   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: 07003 New Jersey United States
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About Me

I am Anthony 56 years old and a widower.I am a widower with so much love and care to give out to the woman of my dreams and of my heart desire if I find her someday.I have been a widower for 8 years now and haven't been into any relationship since I lost my late wife as I couldn't like whom I saw within me anymore so I took my time to reschedule my life properly and I think I am now ready to move on with life and settle down again in life.I am so tired of my loneliness as I have so much love and care within my heart to give to my partner if I find her someday but the earlier I am to find her is the problem at hand now as I am growing old and time and tide waits for no man but I am in no rush or hurry meeting my right woman as Gods time is the best..I want to meet a woman whom I can put all my love and trust in her without any fears of broken heart.I joined the dating site because I still believe in true love,in romance and in "happily ever after." but dating on the Internet has now been interpreted into so many things that we hardly finds the good ones that comes our way but with hope and trust we shall find what we are all looking for. I would rejoice at the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with my true soul-mate, the one with whom I can share all of myself - emotionally, spiritually, and physically and the one I can put all my love and trust in her without any fears of broken heart. I seek a best friend and lifelong companion.I know and believe strongly that my one and only is out there somewhere, and joining a dating site seemed like a place I might find her as I have tried several dates in the United States and I decided to give a long distance relationship a try as there is no harm in trying and also no one on this earth knows where he or she might someday find his or her right partner that's why dating on the Internet is made common now a days to make things easier for everyone to find his or her right partner no matter the distance involved..A deep commitment to the relationship is what I seek from my woman when I find her. if I someday find the right woman of my life....
What I'm Looking For

I am seeking for someone who is confident and certain of what she wants in a relationship. I desire a woman who treats people kindly a woman with an appreciation of life's wonders, a sense of humor, and enjoyment of conversation.Someone who will view me as her partner in life, yet not forget to treat me as a man. I'm seeking a woman with the ability to appropriately manage the challenges life brings to each of us. Am looking for a woman that will be able to listen to me, communicate her feelings to me, make me laugh, hold and comfort me in need, stand by my side, respect me just as I will respect her, A passionate lover in every way....

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