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Please read first! Kthxbai!! <3
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  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Downers Grove Illinois United States
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About Me

First off, read my profile before messaging! Nothing ticks me off more than getting the same repetitive questions. Or the hypocritical "I'd really like to get to know you better" - Um then you'd have read my profile. Not taking the time to read about someone simply shows superficiality, low standards, and that appearance is your single criteria for a potential partner. News flash: beauty fades.

I am an angel born on Devil's night - born in a cookie cutter suburb, raised near a city of sin, yet great potential. I am a firstborn - a natural leader. I mean what I say and say what I mean. I cry at commercials. I love to get lost and find new adventures. I love quiet time at home. I have a black cat who's earned every racist label possible. I love to listen. I love to talk. I love people. I love stories - especially with happy endings. I love poetry. I love writing. I often ask "why?" My conservative tendencies to teach a man to fish are contradicted by the ease of simply giving him one. I wonder what it's like after death. I love Life and value it immensely. I equate Sunday Mass to school, where Jesus Christ paid a price to enable my attendance I take a leap of faith every second of every day, simply by breathing - as each breath may be my last. I find sports mundane, but go to the events for the food. I am down to earth. I am a dreamer. I am always learning. I love sitting on a porch with those I love enjoying a glass of wine watching a thunderstorm. I am an organized slob. I am aggressive. I am emotional. I am intense. I would save the love of my life over a million people any day. I am a "lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets". I am arrogant but humble. I am generous but selfish. I am outgoing but shy. I am your worst nightmare but your best dream. I am a walking contradiction - imperfect and human through and through...but as close to immortal as it gets. The only one who can stop me is me. And I can take her.

Why am I on here? Most people seem to be on here because they can't "get" anyone in real life, for whatever reason. For me, it couldn't be any further from that - in fact it's quite the opposite. I have no problem there - but when it comes to finding someone of quality - that's a different story...not talking someone with JUST the personality, JUST a good career, JUST intelligence, or JUST a kind heart. That's like choosing to eat one type of food for the rest of your life and choosing it based on ONLY smelling good, ONLY tasting good, or it ONLY being healthy for you. Wouldn't you rather choose something with a good combination of all the aforementioned qualities? Surely, you'd like the whole package and wouldn't choose anything at all until you were sure to choose one food where you wouldn't be settling for less than best - I'm no different. As W. Somerset Maugham said, "It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you often get it." I like being single just fine, and someone will have to be pretty special to change that. Don't want A guy as much as I want THE guy.

Cocky? Maybe, but how can you expect someone to love you if you don't even love yourself?

The mundane details:

~I am fascinated with the date December 21, 2012 - NOTHING to do with the movie.

~I have 1 piercing in each ear and no tattoos, you don't put a bumper sticker on a Bentley :P

~I'm Polish (and part gypsy). I can speak, read, and write - used to teach, too. I think in English though.

~My peeves: being late, wasting things, waiting, people who hide things, people who talk big but fail to deliver, dishonest people, bad drivers, obnoxiously huge tits, people who chew with their mouths open, American cars, people who spend their entire lives on their cell - ESPECIALLY while hanging with me, bad kids, bad dogs, bad parents/dog owners, giving me "drop it" the moment a conversation veers into an unwanted direction, people who overdo sarcasm, people who claim being vegan is "natural", cowards, the new "cool" (aka getting drunk, watching sports, getting high, and sleeping around).

~One of my favorite treats is raw egg yolk with a spoon of sugar. DELICIOUS! (no worries, the sugar cooks the egg)

~I paid for college myself, was an extra for a movie, among other things - I guess those things held more importance over learning how to ski, rollerblade, doing a cartwheel, or swimming :/

So I've met a couple guys and most seem like all they want is to sleep around. Let me make this clear: you won't find that here. Another interesting thought: some guys feel if a girl doesn't sleep with them by the third date - she's not into them. Really guys? If that's all you're after, you should be honest with these girls. This way, you'll end up with someone as immature as you and not waste time with women who deserve better than you. Having sex by the third date is most likely why you're not in those relationships now. I've learned that if a guy wants sex on a first date, he thinks the girl's a tramp and is just interested in her for a couple nights til he finds a regular girlfriend. If the girl doesn't care about the guy, she'll hook up. If she really likes the guy, she won't have sex with him. If he likes her, he'll stick around. If he just wanted sex, he'll dump her. Some of us would rather wait to be intimate til we know we're in a committed, monogamous, long term relationship instead of just being flavor of the month. Until then I'm left wondering: what DID happen to finding a companion, a best friend to grow old with, a soul mate...?

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What I'm Looking For

Someone... that'll come to church with me Sundays (this is first and foremost!) I refuse to have a separation in the household. No pointless casual flings for me - won't sugar coat it, marriage and a family is my ultimate aspiration.

~Who seeks stability and low drama. Someone that improves the quality of life, not burdens it

~Set in their education and career and financially ready/able to provide for a family - this responsibility distinguishes a man from a boy

~Who takes care of things - from their appearance to personal belongings to their home. If you can't take care of the things in your life, how can you care for a significant other and future family?

~Honest. If I'm lied to, I'm gone. I also hate secrets - it's not cheating but it's a good head-start.

~Without fear of commitment - nothing sexier than dedicating my life to one man and knowing his deepest, darkest secrets; and him dedicating his and knowing mine

~Without baggage! That's your responsibility to unpack before moving on to the next relationship.

~Attractive. I have a thing for jacked guys - Johnny Bravo style! Ha jk, but I do swoon over big shoulders/arms! I like guys with sideburns, spiky hair (especially with emo side bangs - SO HAWT ^_^), TRIMMED chin stubble, collared shirts and pea coats - love the classy look (think Bill from True Blood - LOVE!!) I also don't care for baseball hats. I love style and cool hairstyles reflect/make a person's style - I know it does for me. Baseball hats just reflect laziness. For this reason, not a fan of the buzzed/bald look either.

~Who I can run to crying, with makeup streaming down my face, the first thing he says is, "Whose ass am I kicking, babe?"

~Who's a gentleman and does romantic things for his girl not caring what his friends think. Not gona lie...Leo's role in Titanic still makes my heart race - romantics like that are my weakness. A friend once said "I refuse to let chivalry, love, and romance die like others so carelessly do. Love is strong yet delicate, it can be broken. To truly love is to understand this. To be in love is to respect this." Too often one person tries harder than the other. True love requires effort on BOTH parts. I need a guy willing to work as hard for a relationship with me as I am with him, someone that gives me attention, dotes on me, takes me out places and wants to show me the world :)

~Whose actions speak louder than his words - words are but a pile of dead leaves scattering in the wind.

~Turnoffs: smoking, excess swearing and drinking - excess anything is never a good thing.

~Ninja points if you like to dance - or are willing to learn/try and make an utter fool of yourself...I know I am :)

~If you've read this whole thing, help me weed out losers just copy/pasting the same thing to everyone - pm me and put "I read it" in the start of your message. Bonus points if you tell me which hair color you prefer or even specify which pic (IF you have a preference ) - I'm thinking of switching it up and am unsure which to go with! ^__^ kthxbai

PS - "How are you today" - srsly? Isn't that what you ask someone you already know? Lame! be more creative!

Also, if I don't respond, I'm not interested. I used to, but then was accused of leading people on - deff don't want to do that. Let's be honest, there's no nice way to tell someone you're not feeling it. But I think you've realized by now I'd rather tell the worst truth than the best lie


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