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What would you do if you knew that . . .
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  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Defiance Ohio United States
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About Me

When I’m not flying into space to stop asteroids, performing brain surgery, or swimming through crocodile infested waters with a baby elephant strapped to my back, so he can be reunited with his mother, I live a somewhat normal life.

I had few gap years between finishing high school and starting college (no I wasn’t in the army or prison but keep guessing), so I will finish college in December 2011 (receiving my third degree). I work with wildlife management and outdoor education. I also spend a lot of time volunteering for different organizations. I love the outdoors and history, and I am pursuing a path in life that allows me to work with that. My career field allows me to have many options for employment all over the world, so I am posed to go where ever the best jobs are once I graduate. For this reason, right now, I am dating causally. Of course if you happen to be supper amazing that could change.

I have a dog, he lives inside with me, and he goes outside when I do. I always have dog hair on my shirt, and I love waking up to a cold nose in the morning. My sisters will attest that I am an awful tease, and I have the bruises to prove it. I also have two brothers, and yes I’m the oldest.

I waited until I was 26 to start dating, so I’m pretty new to the dating scene, but I’m excited to see who is out there. I like meeting people, and I believe that it’s an adventure to go find new people and new ideas through sites such as this. I am on here for dating and that is what I intent to pursue here, but I also have a little bit of room left in my life for new friends. Either way, if you’re cool I want to get to know you.


I have a hopeless romantic streak.

What I'm Looking For

I only write back to girls with photos because I want to see that the other person was willing to put the same amount of work into a decent profile. It’s also creepy to write messages to people who are using this site like a two way mirror.

I believe that respect is the most important aspect of a relationship. Respect requires communication with the other person, an acceptance for who they are, as well as openness and honesty with them.

I find girls with unique interest or capabilities sexy: i.e. history lover, nature freak, photographers, barrel riders, motorcyclists, can drive a tractor, or something like sewing baby blankets that is uncommon now days. I want to meet someone who can hold a conversation and has her own interests and pursuits so that we can share our experience with each other. I also need someone who understands that the time I spend volunteering is important to me—meaning I will not always be available. I like the outdoors a lot so finding someone that is tough and outdoorsy enough to go on ten mile hikes, sleep on the ground, get bug bit, and enjoy it all is important to me.


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