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a little nonsense now and then...
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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Washington United States
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About Me

hey my name is Adam, I'm a student at North Seattle studying cultural anthropology and literature, I like to write (as you can probably see) and make various kinds of art (cutups, photos, ink, paint, whatevs), also I study ecology, philosophy and other strange things (occult sciences, shamanism, metaphysics). Apparently I have a tendency to make parenthetical statements (like this) when describing my interests.
Working in a library is pretty much the only job I have really enjoyed so far, but I've also thought about teaching or working with medicinal plants. I have a shitload of books. I like dogs and cats both, I like to be outside and I hate television. I also hate shopping and fast food and I think most new movies suck (but I'll watch them anyway, especially if I'm with someone else that likes them).
However, ducks and seagulls make me laugh, and I am fascinated by things like trees, octopi, and mushrooms. Sometimes I talk to birds because they follow me around (crows try to talk to me and I think it's rude to ignore them), and sometimes I rant and philosophize (actually quite a bit).
I used to smoke cannabis but now I do yoga instead (although I don't really see anything wrong with cannabis). I have no strong religious affiliations but I am not an atheist and I respect your beliefs if you don't condemn others for theirs. I like a lot of different music and love to listen to something new. I'm really just looking for someone to hang out with for now, no pressure to be romantic. If more is meant to be, that will happen on its own. Don't take yourself or life too seriously and be open to new experiences.
Thanks for reading all that. I can't help it, I'm a writer.

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What I'm Looking For

Someone to cuddle with and have interesting conversations and silly fun adventures with. You should be comfortable with yourself, confident and not needy. It helps if you're a little insane but not in a harmful way (I may be dr. seuss crazy but not norman bates crazy). Your body type and hair color and all that don't really matter to me, attitude and personality makes you sexy not the amount of fat or makeup. Actually I don't really understand the point of makeup anyway. If you're a bit chubby, this can be a good thing as long as you have the right attitude about it. same goes for being thin. Basically just love yourself. Smile!

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