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  Age: 41   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: fort lauderdale Florida United States
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  Very Long
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About Me

I am an emotionally stable woman looking for a long term relationship. I am looking to truly connect to another individual in our own special way that's right for us. I will only correspond with one individual at a time who has the possibility for a long term connection. I do not beleive you can date multiple people and find your true love. You cannot direct 100% of yourself into that objective, even if you think you can.

Mentally stable. I do not stalk, harass, nor am i on drugs. I live my life as a fully formed human being, without pettiness or jealousy or anger. It is not in my being to harbor negative feelings. MY life is to be lived in harmony and love.

I am 5 9 and I am a true girly girl. I loved dressing up and being very feminine but I do have a bit of a tomboy side as I do like t play sports as well. I work out 3 times a week and i try to eat healthy but I do love a good cookie. I am a christian but not a holy roller, I do respect other religions and other peoples beliefs. I feel its just important to believe in something more than yourself.

I am an artist by trade and love what I do. I also volunteer some time to organizations and save turtles from the roads. :). I love learning and picking a new goal each time I achieve the one before so I always have something going on. My favorite things to do for fun is attend cultural events.

Respect. I believe in old fashion courtship.

What I'm Looking For

emotionally available for a long term relationship. Someone is who is not caught up in seeing how many emails a day or how many people they can talk to. Im into quality, not quantity. If you're already talking with or dating someone who is looking for a mate, please do not contact me. I am not here for serial dating or hookups.

mentally stable. Has not stalked an ex. Will be responsible enough to call when he says he will and not reschedule at the last minute. I am a very busy person, my time is valuable and I find that behavior to be of the utmost disrespect. YOu would not do it to a parent or your boss, the same respect is expected.

6 feet tall or taller. I am 5 9 and love to wear heels. Im only comfortable with men who are my height or taller in heels. Dont get angry. Most men dont date fat girls, I dont date short men.

positive attitude. Not worried about what other people think. Proud to be himself but has manners, class, character, personality, and a true integrity.

35 to 55 preferably. Exceptions made for exceptional people.

successful in his own right. Success means different things to different people, but your lifestyle should reflect what your profile says.

Takes care of themselves, body,, mind and soul. Eat healthy, workout some, read, learn, belief in any form of a higher power.


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