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Searching for my Romeo
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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Florida United States
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  Short, Medium
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About Me

Hey Guys!!!
My name is Andrew; I am 23-years-old. I live about 30 minutes north of Orlando. I am 6 feet 5 inches tall with hazel eyes, and light olive skin. I am on the larger side of the scale but I’m becoming healthier. I am seeking a long-term romantic relationship, but friends are always welcomed. I am a nice guy with a big heart that has been broken, but I refuse to give up on love and keep searching for that one special guy. I sing and dance though not very well but I still enjoy doing it. I love to laugh and make others laugh as well. I love my friends and family, and they are all important to me, because they all shaped who I am today.

I enjoy spending my time cooking, baking, reading, and writing. I am about to send a book to the publisher and in the beginning stages of writing 10 more. I love almost all types of movies and music. My favorite movies include All 6 Harry Potters, Connie and Carla, Coffee Date, Latter Days, The Wizard of Oz, Return to Oz, and many more. I like to watch TV… I love Glee, Eastwick, Biggest Loser, Law and Order SVU, Family Guy, The Simpson’s, Paula Deen, really anything on Food Network and HGTV… I also love to draw, paint, clay sculpting, wood and leather working, among other artistic things, even if I’m not very good at them. I am an Eclectic Pagan.

In the future I see myself married even if it’s not legal in this country. I do want kids. I see myself as a well renowned pagan author and teacher. I see myself have traveled or planning to travel to Europe: England, Ireland, Scotland, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, I would also like to visit Canada, and a few other places. I see myself reaching and surpassing all my life goals. If you like a well rounded, goal oriented, romantic guy with his feet planted firmly on the ground with his head in the clouds, that shoots for the stars in all his endeavors then please don’t hesitate to e-mail me.

Just so I can avoid any awkwardness later sexually I am a bottom (99.9% bottom/ .01% top)

What I'm Looking For

About My Match:
Im looking for a guy who can love me for who I am now for who they want me to be, someone who will share the good and bad times with me, someone who will walk along side me at the beach or stay home and watch movies together. Someone who I can trust and be honest with, someone who will only have eyes for me. Someone who does not like clubbing or going out until 6 am. Someone who will call just to hear my voice, a man that is truly caring and loving. A man that likes to laugh and have fun without getting crazy. I am seeking a top, between 18 - 34, non-smokers, masculine; you must be a monogamous man, open minded, sweet, kind, caring, and loving. As far as looks go I love dark hair and blue or green eyes but its not something that is a priority. I also love hairy man but again it’s not a priority. I do tend to like guys that are thinner but still have some meat on their bones.


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