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Looking for something new
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The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Maryland United States
The Details
Body Type:
  None but want some soon
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Hair Length:
  Very Long
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About Me

I enjoy a vast amount of hobbies and activities, and can have doing anything just about. I love: football, hockey, drag racing/NASCAR and baseball. I love riding horses (havent in awhile, so if you have a horse, SOLD!) fishing, riding ATVs, camping, hiking, rifle range or just driving round a back road. Any other spare time I have I read, write or sketch. I love animals and have quite a few of them. I also have tattoos, and one peircing. I have a great educational background, and enjoy my current profession, however I am a cooperate climber, and want to make it to the top of my considered feild. Also volunteer for my local EMT station.

About my personality and quirks:
I am loud, honest, obnoxious, humorous, hygienic, intellegent, social butterfly, a realist, organized and a planner. I consider myself a decent mixture between fun and serious. I do know what I want and do not plan to settle for less. I am goal oriented and headstrong. I can be playful and childlike sometimes, and enjoy coloring and leggos. Or my more grown up self, where fishing and good wine by the lakeside make the night.

Im not much for video games, and when I make time for movies/TV I prefer horror, some comedies and an occasional chick-flick. I love country music, its my number one favorite go-to radio station; I also enjoy classical, some rock, rare rap songs and some oldies pop hits. I love to cook and bake, and honestly cleaning is my vice when Im having a hard day. I was raised with traditional values, and was born/raised in Alabama. Im a southern belle, with a city attitude and heart of gold.

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What I'm Looking For

Im looking for someone who is headstrong, or atleast can make decisions easily on their own. Goal oriented like myself, or atleast work hard at whatever you do. Honesty, pride in yourself/your work, family oriented and knows what they want in life. I want someone who isnt afraid to admit their faults, and also not be afraid to point out mine. You know how to have fun, but your not a horny teenager that likes to party all the time. Someone I want to spend alot of time with, and similar hobbies, or atleast showing an interest in mine would help. Someone who isnt traditional all the way, but not outragously crazy either. There are no set stipulations on any of these, regardless of what is preferred, if we hit it off, then screw the rest, right? So take a chance and message me.

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