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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Woonsocket Rhode Island United States
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  Clean Cut
  Occaisional smoker
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  Very Short
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About Me

Hey, my names Andrew. I am a very easy going guy with a lot planned for myself for my future. I enjoy pretty much anything except DRAMA! lol I also cannot stand women who are so self conscious to the point every 5 seconds im being told they are or feel fat when they clearly know they aren't. call me an asshole idc because im nothing compared to the other 99 percent of the world. and if your going to call me one on that. then dont bother messaging me. I am who i am and i have no problem reminding someone looks pretty everyday its just when thats not enough it gets under my skin. i love making ppl laugh but i also cant stand when girls laugh every 5 seconds. plus if your going to talk to me. DONT TALK ABOUT YOUR EX'S. i understand that u were treated like shit by some asshole but thats why you are on this site in the first place. I am one of the most understanding guys i know but understanding has its limits like everything else. also, dont message me if you havent read this because i hate when ppl just see ur pic then message hoping for the best because how are we supposed to have a convo if you dont read what i am about. I am caring, loving, goofy, and love seeing someone smile. Im not an asshole, i just have standards and this is where i have to say this. no fat girls. i understand overweight girls need love to but they are not my type and thats that. i love parties, clubs, beaches, drinking, and even sitting around watching tv or playing video games. im also an open book =)
What I'm Looking For

a girl whos understanding because I am in the Massachusetts Army National Guard and i do go away for classes and I am getting deployed to afghanistan in February 2011. Someone who is easy going and not too shy. i want her to have a taken care of body. im not looking for megan fox but i want a body thats maintained. I also want someone who isnt afraid to be affectionate because with me its about the little things. that sort of stuff keeps me interested =)

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