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if you sift through the shit, you get fool's gold
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The Basics
  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: ill never say Indiana United States
The Details
Body Type:
  In Need of Attention
  Heavy smoker
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Hair Length:
  Very Short
Sexual Orientation:
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About Me

this is an experiment in two fold: 1. to see just how honest women want their men to be. 2. just how disparaged the female populace is to try and "hook up" or even talk to a man 25, schizophrenic, hasn't shaved face or bikini zone in months, completely disinterested in people other than those who want to take over. i live with my poor mum, i start drinking by noon, have 20 pages for my novel or a few tracks for the ol' archive, a new chapter of illustrations to explain the garbage and pain behind my eyes, or at least have a couple Pogues albums down the gullet by 4... this is my unattractive life of nothing.

still interested?

What I'm Looking For

im looking for a physically beautiful person with an intellect who likes drugs, alcohol, and the discussion of human consciousness and the development of new philosophies upholding the true Holy Trinity: 1. the intoxicating 2. the provocative 3. the metaphysically groping aspects of life.

if you dont understand, ill say it simply: 1. drink. 2. smoke 3. discuss mechanical existence and the struggle against it in animatedly and with lurid detail.

none of you can shock me with interest, as you could never be a bat faced rabbit in a business suit dripping mucous and screaming a symphony of screams at 6 am when i feign sleep.

i implore interested vixens and chicksens to text my dogged drone touch screen manually defunct (as i lost any and all contact to my former dreamers) communication way station. ill play any game interesting enough, so try and surprise me... im fucking waiting for something to terrify me outside of the voices in my head or the substances im coming down from.

bundles of joy and perverted ploys...

-a name that is not my own


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