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I'm a care free, open minded soul with a big heart
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The Basics
  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: de forest Wisconsin United States
The Details
Body Type:
  A few extra pounds
  None but want some soon
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About Me

-I am 18.
-Working at Pedro's
-My main picture, i have long hair. but its short now, like in the other two pictures.
-My friends and family are amazing.
-I like to try new things, and stay amused.
-My outlook on life is that, you must give to receive. No one is just handed good luck, the choices you make bring you good and bad. -I am a curvy girl, I am between 5'4" and 5'5".
-Animals are, in my opinion, the best things on this planet :)
I have 7 pets, 3 English Bulldogs, 2 rats, 1 russian tortoise, 1 parakeet, and saltwater fish.
-I do live with my parents, for now. And yes, when i move out, my tortoise is coming with me, average life span for a tortoise- 50-70 years, he is only 5. so I will have him a very long time.
-Im the type of girl who HATES drama.
-I am extremely open minded. One thing i can't stand JUDGMENTAL PEOPLE. everyone judges sometimes, some people judge all the time.
-I am ADDICTED to coffee.
-I smoke marijuana socially. but i have never and will never do other drugs.
-I drink occasionally, 1 in 100 times of drinking do i drink to get drunk. just a drink or two with friends, is all i need.
-I love a good campfire with some beer and friends.
-did i mention that i am obsessed with turtles?
-I love to be outside and active, but have no problem staying in or just chilling at a friends house.
-one thing someone i date MUST be okay with- most of my friends are guys. the reason for this is that they are less dramatic and not to judgmental. i am a very trust worthy person and would never cheat, so me having mostly guy friends shouldnt be an issue, as long as you TRUST me.
-I hate cheaters, liars and abusers. I have been in a relationship with all three. never again.
- i definitely want kids in the future, probably 2. i love kids a lot.
-I live in the worst town EVER.
-I am from Minocqua WI, maybe I can take you sometime ;) lol

I've been put down, pushed around, kicked lower than you can imagine. but i picked myself up. i dont need somebody, i want somebody. (:

ask me whatever :)

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What I'm Looking For

I want someone who is kind and smart.
open minded and non judgmental.
Someone who will always be there for me.
I need someone who is willing to give support.
and can always let me make my own choices.
I want something real. so if you want a hook up, don't bother messaging me.
I want someone with similar interests and outlooks on life.


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