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Never sacrifice who you are
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The Basics
  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Virginia United States
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  Stylish, Trendy, Casual
  None but want some soon
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  A few extra pounds, Voluptuous
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About Me

1. Three Adjectives to describe myself- Self Motivating, Dependable, and Personable.

2. I am a chameleon i blend to the people around me.

3. I am a die hard Yankees fan since i was 7 years old. 27 champions baby!

4. i'd rather be dressed in pjs or formal wear. i don't like normal clothes.

5. I love to have a house full of family, i wish it could be all the time. Family is very important to me.

6. I want to have a dinner with J.K Rowling, Johnny Depp, Edgar Allen Poe, and Steven King. (yes i love freaks)

7. I love reading gossip magazines, forbes, technology magazines, and caribbean travel magazines.

8. I love italian food but especially my moms spaghetti and meatballs, and her chicken cutlets. I love any type of breakfast food but bacon is the best. I love all the junk food from Yankee stadium especially chicken fingers and fries. i love desserts(i have a big sweet tooth) my favorites are cannoli and cheesecake. My favorite candy is reese's, sour patch kids, nerds, and almond joy. Last but not least, I'm a carnivore if i could i'd eat fillet mignon ever day but i also love Burgers from fast food to gourmet.

9. I can't get enough of Google, i search everything on there.

10. My father and I have the same humor. We are the only ones who laugh at each other's jokes.

11. I want to be very family oriented after i graduate from college.

12. I would love to travel to Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Greece, Spain, and South Africa.

13. I am not an overly emotional person. My family calls me German. I do have feelings i just keep them to myself.

14. My favorite "feminine" experience is getting dolled up for a party-nails, hair, makeup, getting dressed. My favorite "masculine" experience is going to a Yankee game, i always go with the boy cousins and i never miss a moment!

15. I love my immediate family. My dad inspires me to dream big. My mom taught me how to be a powerful woman. My sister shows me determination.

16. I am so grateful to have been fortunate in life from my parents and i hope i can give my children the same life i grew up in.

17. My favorite drink is grande soy carmel macchiato.

18. I want to eventually be job partners with my father,Garrett,and Danny.

19. I love dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt.

20. When i look good, i want it documented with many photographs haha.

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for a male between the ages of 18-22. I want someone who is outgoing and loves to talk. I love hanging out with friends and being around people so my guy needs to be extroverted. I want a guy who is funny, tall, and easy to talk to. Communication is key for me. Just someone fun to hang with and be a good friend to me.

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