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Me seeking you, while pretending I'm not. lol. ;P
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The Basics
  Age: 34   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: West Des Moines Iowa United States
The Details
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  Non-smoker, Smokes only when drinking
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  Yes - living with me
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About Me

Hi. I'm Amanda...I'm 27, I live in West Des Moines. Currently I am in "restaurant management", which sounds better than it actually is, but I do my job and pay my bills. I am a martial arts instructor on the side; I am a second-degree black belt, and I absolutely love to teach and train. I love my friends very much, you'll find they're more like family to me. I am the only lesbian among my circle of friends, and I'm nearly the only single person among them now as well...which, both of those things I would like to change. I have been approaching most of this with a "friends first, and whatever happens, happens" kind of mindset (mostly to avoid the expectations and awkwardness of first dates, haha. Its true though, bc - dont deny it - dating can be a bit of hell. "Friend dates" are not quite as stressful.) Even if its not right away, I will probably end up telling you if I like you more than a friend, sometimes flat out and other times in a subtle or cryptic way...because I'm a little quirky sometimes. ;) I love to make people smile - leave it to me to find a unique way of doing it. Anyway, there are never any strings attached when you meet me. If there isnt potential for something bigger...well then, if nothing else, I'm a great friend to have. :)

What I'm Looking For

Someone who is looking for something meaningful - whether its a friendship or a relationship - you can never have too many friends, and I am okay with either outcome; cant be in a relationship w/ someone you're not friends with...can you? lol. Anyway - someone who finds me worth their time and of course makes themselves worth mine. And finally, someone who is proud of, but is not consumed by or defined by her sexuality - complete stereotypes are a turnoff. Just be yourself. :) Sense of humor a must, appreciates life, likes to smile and have fun doing whatever you find fun in a given moment.

**I'm not interested in meeting up simply for sex, not into dating/messing around with you and your significant other, and I'm definitely not interested in anyone waving around a penis, so men need not apply here especially.


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