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Looking for what I have yet to find...
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  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Indiana United States
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  Smokes only when drinking
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About Me

July 4th is HANDS DOWN my favorite holiday. It was once said people can't help but to be happy when they're around me. lol I want to learn how to ride a dirtbike/motocross. Even though I'm a chick I don't mind getting dirty. It would be cool if I knew how to fix more on a car than a flat tire. lmao Trust is easy to get from me. Ever lose it? getting it back is the hard part. Drama+me=oil+water. I don't argue. Not gonna lie...country is my favorite kind of music. Used to HATE it with a passion so fierce it burned with the heat from a thousand flames. ha Basically, I listen to everything though. I don't smoke...or where glasses. 8) when I went to the eye doctor she said I see better than she does with contacts...go figure. O_o (mapquest and I are like this: *crosses fingers*) Don't like the clingy type. "my love don't cost a thang" but that doesn't mean it's free. So, that's me. Wanna know more? Just shoot me a message. That's what that little message button is meant for don't chya know?! ;)
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What I'm Looking For

MUST LOVE TO CUDDLE! haha it's my favorite...
SENSE OF HUMOR: yeah you can dish'em, but can you take them too?
HONEST: I don't lie.
FAITHFUL: never have i nor will i EVER cheat on a guy.
this may sound like a weird concept but holding hands ....*pause for suspense*.... in public! i know...crazy right? excessive pda is gross...but if i want to kiss you while we're checking out? i'm gonna do it. ;)
anything to do with plaid...i think it's sexy. wear it? i probably already like you. lol
got scruff? another thing about a guy i find absolutely undeniable...SO sexy.
someone who does the little things...they may be little, but they mean a lot.


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