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The Basics
  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: African   Location: Texas United States
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  Stylish, Clean Cut, Casual
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  Very Short
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About Me

Are you more than just another beautiful face? I could go on to tell you things about myself, like I workout 6 days an week, or my height(6'0)...etc, but I gonna spare you what you come across all the time from other men with the average dull profile trying to win your favor with a bunch of useless facts that might peak your interest. I prefer to think that you will already see that once you get to know me, but I will say that I have the best family and greatest friends anybody could ever have. I have my health and the strive and vision to pursue anything that I deem necessary. I'm very comfortable in any situation whether it be wearing tennis shoe and short or an suit and tie formal occasion... Now if you been with me long enough to get this far something must have sparked your interest, then go ahead live on the wild side and send me an email. I don't bite..that comes later LOL. I'm looking for and cool "friendship", what I mean by that is someone to hang out with, were we both just can be ourselves, Zero pressure, Zero expectations. Just you being you and me being me and we have fun enjoying the company and see where it takes us. If I could find an woman that is above the average typical woman, I would be very interested in seeing where it could take us. If it turned into something extravagant then it is meant to be. I not one to go in with an particular relationship in mind I tend to go with the flow... I'm going to be an challange, an tad ambiguous a times, fun, cordial, hilarious, sarcastic, not afraid to let you know when it's something that makes me upset or have an little verbal sparing back and forth. I'm very open minded love to travel and try new experiences. I'm a risk taker and will try whatever is necessary to achieve an goal that I've set for myself. I tend to attract people from all walks of life. One of my favorite quotations: Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

What I'm Looking For

For the past few years I been pretty indifferent on finding lasting, but I've had an new perspective and long for that now with the right one. I find that what I need in a woman is someone who emits beauty, intelligence, and has an stunning personality... but it's seems that it impossible to find among the average typical women. I mean is there an woman who can look great in basketball shorts and tennis shoes and ponytail but then be able to pull off an sexy dress when going to a nice restaurant... Well do this while being an genuine down to earth intellectually stimulating and loving person? I've come across women who can do one but not the other... So I guess I'm searching for the elusive big foot wanting these simple qualities. So if you display the typical gold digging, flaky, unintelligent, shallow and clingy traits then I'm far too good for that and won't miss you one bit. Now my type as far as looks go (there has to be that initial attraction) would be an fit/athletic attractive, smart, extrovert, honest, funny, laid back, non confrontational, ambitious with goals of their own. Honest trust and respect. The three biggest keys to my affection. Au revoir.

Not trying to be mean but I have no interest in bbw or few extra pounds. I'm just not attracted to that I prefer an athletic build or petite women. Sorry I just know what I'm attracted to and don't want to give the wrong impression!


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