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i love young guys
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  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: Colorado United States
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hi my name is jarred I've been trying to find the right guy to be with forever I've already been in 3 relationships and none of them were the right ones I want a guy to be my friend and a boyfriend I want to hold him in my arms and kiss him its been a long long time for me and I never had sex with any guy I am hoping to find a guy who is safe to be around and are on the same page as me and also I do get worried if he doesn't text or call me back it just shows that I care about him and I am a great fun guy to be around I can laugh sometimes I get 2 far on my jokes but don't take it personal I want that guy to know that I am just joking around and I love a man with his shirt off if he only had a strong healthy body I love music I have a passion for music I love to sing I am a great singer:)
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What I'm Looking For

like I said I want to feel protected and safe around him I want a man I prefer ages 21 to 26 I want him to be him self and be honest with me and tell me he loves me and wont ever let me go and I want to sometime have sex and be his boyfriend and don't take the things I say 2 personal I want to talk to him meet him in person and I also want him to accept that I do live in a host home and I go to a day program and I will explain the best I can to him so u can understand y and also when used to live in a group home I wasn't aloud to have sex with anybody cause of there rules so that y I want to find the right guy to be with and have sex :)

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