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  Age: 24   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Inverness Illinois United States
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  Athletic, Average
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About Me

I'm Italian lol and if you ever met my family you'd definitely see it and i'm also a cage fighter. I started boxing when i was 14 and I've been in the cage since i was 16. I'm going to the University of Iowa go hawks!) in August. I definitely stand up for what and those i care about and i never back down, but anyone who truly knows me knows i'm a giant teddy bear and can definitely be serious and emotional when i need to be. I've been told a lot that i should be a counselor cuz I'm great at being supportive and helping with hard situations but idk id like to think i'm good at that. Well yeah i'm definitely looking for something long term this will probably sound weird to a lot of people but i was kinda that kid who was looking for a wife in high school. I think there is no better feeling than being in love and having somebody by your side. But on kind of a different note I love to party and i definitely know how to have a good time i promise!
What I'm Looking For

The right person for me is someone i think who can be serious,loving,fun and supportive. In my life I've encountered a lot of things and have met a lot of different people and if theres one thing i've realized its that most people don't know what it means to be in love or to have someone who loves YOU for you. And i might not have all the answers but what i do know is that I definitely don't take that for granted and i would love a girl who wouldn't either. I want someone who wants to spend time together and who likes having date nights. Obviously its not like 24-7 always together but i definitely would like someone who would looking forward to seeing me and would put as much effort into us as i would. I also think i'd like someone who knows how to have a good time and would be enjoyable to spend time with alone or in a group. )

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