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come less be together..
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The Basics
  Age: 58   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: 80226 Colorado United States
The Details
  None, None but want some soon
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About Me

I am an individual of integrity, down to earth, with a positive outlook of life, choosing to make the best of every situation, which at the end always makes us stronger, wiser and better. I am happy and don't dwell on bad experiences I may have had in the past. I love affection...giving it as well as receiving it. I care about others, I love to laugh and have fun. I enjoy the simple things in life and am very content with what life has brought my way. I am looking for an honest, affectionate woman...I am a man who is not afraid to be open with his feelings and say what is on his mind.. A relationship has to be 100% - 100%. Sometimes we must compromise that's a necessary thing in any relationship. I don't like head games... I take love very seriously. What I look for most in a woman is honesty, affection and a good sense of humor. Trust is important also...it is the basis of a solid relationship. I don't want to spend the rest of my life alone...I find it hard to believe anyone does. If so, I feel sorry for them. Life is meant to be shared. With others and the best way to share it are being in love. We never know what lies ahead but I have my dreams and have learned to never give up on them. I hope you never give up on yours either. Open your heart and try listening to it. As each day goes by I sit and wonder, why does love have to be such a difficult thing? The way it makes you feel is sometimes very unpredictable. Love can make you happy, sad, mad and also crazy if you know what I mean. There are many ways to define crazy, crazy happy, crazy sad, crazy mad or just absolutely crazy in love way over your head, you take your pick. Not a day goes by without that one person in your mind 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The thought of them is endless, the way they talk and the way they look at you when you've done something special for them. Their eyes have this sparkle that never goes away even after their eyes turn away from yours; you know that the sparkle is just a way of them showing you that you have a special place in their heart. The sound of their voice is comforting, so you call just to hear them say hello and usually that's not all that you end up saying. No matter what you have to do for love you do it and the consequences come after but at least you know that it was worth it. To hear, see, touch that special person you love, the extent you go to is unstoppable by your hearts power. We all know that your heart is usually the one to be right
What I'm Looking For

Well what I'm looking for should be Honest, Trustworthy, Respectful, Considerate, Passionate, Dedicated, Focused, Witty, Ambitious and a sense of Humor.External Beauty goes along way but internal Beauty, Good Character and Class go much further with me, Smart, Independent, Motivated, Affectionate and Willing to be flexible in any situation.I am very down to earth. People find me easy to talk to and I enjoy talking to others. Pretty much what you see is what you get, nothing pretentious here. I am a hopeless romantic, very affectionate, cuddly and lovable.Days continue to pass, stars continue to shine

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