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Small town kid who grew into like a James Bond
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  Age: 74   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Pahrump Nevada United States
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About Me

My name is Edgar , I would be very happy to hear from you, and to tell you a little about myself ! I am retired from so many jobs, hardly know where to start, I started to work when I was eight years old delivering News Papers, in the morning for the “Chicago Daily News”, in my home town of Quincy, Illinois ! After school I sold News Papers for our local News Paper “The Quincy Harold Whig”, standing corner, yelling “ I Read all about it, Mayor arrested for drunk driving again ! “ ! Then I went to a “Shoe Parlor” where I shined shoes, until about 8:00 PM, then I went across the street and “Set Pins” in a bowling alley and “Racked Balls” in the “Q-Bowling and Billiards Parlor” ! When I graduated from High School, I went to work as an “Apprentice Plumber”, when I got laid off, I joined the U.S. Army, where I became a “Combat Engineer" where I was a “Demolition Specialist” and “Heavy Truck Driver, I got out of the service and went to work for “Firestone” in a steel factory ! After about two and a half years of back breaking work, I decided to return to the U.S. Army, and learn a viable job, because I knew my brain was a lot stronger than my back, so I elected to become a “Military Police Officer”, of course at that time “To Protect and Serve” meant something !!! The Officer in the field had a lot more latitude and a lot more discretion as to handle each situation !!! It was during the time after returning from “Viet Nam” that I was assigned to the U.S. Marshal’s Service as a “Sky Marshal’ and went around the World more than eight times and had several what were call “Milk Runs”, that was fly to Paris, London, Rome or Athens, for two or three days and return !!! Altogether, I spent nine and a half years in Germany, after returning from Germany the last time I was assigned to the U.S. Military Police School, where I obtained my “Teaching Degree and was also able to get my “Masters Degree in Criminology”also during this whole Military thing I was able to play and sing, professionally, mostly C&W and some Cross over music for 33 years, all over the world I still go out and sing “Karaoke” just to keep my voice in practice !!! After “RETIRING” from the Military Police, it just seemed natural to continue in the “Law Enforcement “ field however much to my dismay I found out that the “RULES” in law enforcement had changed and had all turned into a revenue issue !!! While working as a “Deputy Sheriff, in Idaho, Nevada, offered me a job for three times as much as I was making !!! So I went to work for “Nevada Department of Correction” and I “RETIRED” again !!! Also I am house broke, but I am not domesticated (LOL) !!! So I’ve had a full life and I been around many blocks and maybe under a few rocks, but I’m still alive and kicken’ !!!
alawildmn/ Edgar/ Ed

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What I'm Looking For

My perfect match, would be a lady that is mature and sure of her sexuality!!! I do prefer redheads and blondes however that is no big issue! She should be able to act like a lady when we go out for any occasion, when we are at home she should be completely relax and go with the flow. There is nothing between a husband and wife that is secret, she should be truthful and honest, tell me what's on her mind and I should be able to tell her what's on my mind. Since I live close to Las Vegas, Nevada, and am surrounded by mountains she should be able go to town or go to mountains on a whim!!!


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