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My life's goal is to create unforgettable stories
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The Basics
  Age: 32   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Pennsylvania United States
The Details
  Occaisional smoker, Smokes only when drinking
  Stylish, Clean Cut
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  Average, A few extra pounds
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  Shoulder Length
About Me

Hey...ok. Who am I? Good question. I'm not even sure I know. I'm very quirky, kind of an oddball. I enjoy picking up and going somewhere different. I definetly have a sense of humor, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes dark, and sometimes just plain goofy. I'm open to almost anything.

A few fast facts:
-As is common with most college students I am not from Indiana, PA (where my university is). All my breaks are spent abroad or in my hometown, Baltimore, MD

-I have a turtle and her name is Mulan. She is a transvestite turtle. She climbs vertically up couches. She's a wicked cool turtle. (I feel like I wrote that as if I am 5 years old)

-I live to travel. So far I've been to Israel 5 times, lived there for a year. Also been to Poland, Caribbean, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Hopefully I will be going to Germany next summer.

-I love daredevil/ slightly dangerous sports. I was a professional horseback rider for 14yrs and now I'm a competitive fencer.

-I have a bucket list which includes activities such as hang gliding in Ireland, swimming with whale sharks, and stepping foot on Antarctica.

-I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland...I love the way the stories were written. Lewis Carroll is a genius in my opinion. And if you consider yourself a mad hatter please message me! I've been looking for mine for awhile.

-I honestly believe my zodiac sign sums me up incredibly well. If you want to know my personality type, just read about the Sagittarius

-My biggest fear is living a life of boredom, having a desk job and doing the same thing every day. I don't know how I would tolerate myself if my life ever came to that.

Currently I am a student at Indiana University of PA studying International studies/ religious studies and a minor in anthropology. Also have part time jobs...ah the life of a college student.

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What I'm Looking For

Someone who can do things on a whim. Who understands quirkiness and accepts differences. Who won't be scared or intimidated when I start speaking as if I'm Alice from Wonderland. Who can sit in comfortable silence and believes in making wishes on stars. Who wants to live life, not just now when we are young but in the future when we are old and bent over from years of high flying adventures and quiet moments of complete understanding. I don't know if that someone exists, maybe I'm reaching for the stars here, but hey I have always been one to dream.

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