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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: African   Location: Nigeria
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About Me

First and foremost I am a true Sagittarius – if you are not sure what that means – I would suggest that you read my astrology sign personality profile.

By nature I am a person of expansion, and my eyes and mind are often optimistically fixed on future goals. I am a global citizen, here to sample the many tastes and cultures of the world.

I often have a bright, cheerful demeanor that can be disarming to many. I have an uncomplicated style that invites you to drop your defenses to just “Be Yourself.”

I can be a beacon of light in the most confusing of times. I can step into a mess and sum up the situation with blinding clarity. I speak raw truth when all others try to hide in the confusion. I can be an invaluable friend that can guide you to a clear path when you need honesty.

I have a notable physical side that gets me involved in vigorous activities. Among my merits you would find me to be fun, very kind, generous, with a stable character, a good sense of humor, a strong mind, purposeful in life, hard working, serious and very loving to all those within my family circle and friends.

I am not ashamed to admit that among my demerits you would find that I easily speak my mind and say what I actually think as opposed to what people want to hear. Additionally I do not compromise easily - if even at all. I have made most of my mistakes in life by caving into peer pressure – therefore - I am now a stronger man, with a stronger mind and follow my own thoughts and ideas no matter what they may be or where they may take me. I have my own opinion about everything but I do not force people to accept them as I wish for people to have their own opinion on things.

I consider myself to be a unique man. I follow no path cut by others and prefer to make my own trail at all cost. I do drink socially but not to excess. I do like to party but only with family and close friends.

What I'm Looking For

My perception of an ideal relationship: I seek a lifetime companion for love and happiness. My ideal partner above all will be first “a true friend” to me, and second a beacon of love, full of optimism and always seeing the good in all things to come and ready to make it abound. My future partner revels in life’s great adventure and can really understand my need to have a true free spirit.

I seek a unique woman who is loyal, warm, honoring fidelity in the relationship and goes through life with a beautiful smile on her face. I focus on a unique woman as I would like her to be a many sided woman depending on the special occasion and the company we keep. I seek a woman who have a good Heart and has deep feelings - and she can express her feelings freely and openly without conflict or argument.

I like my life as it is and do not wish to change it – except for this one thing - I do have a very strong desire to share my life with a very special woman. I have no doubt in my mind that my soul will recognise her soon as l meet her.

Until I have the sincere pleasure of your company by my side I remain warmly yours…


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