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Science, guitar playing and the outdoors
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  Age: 47   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Knoxville Tennessee United States
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  Athletic, Average
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I'm on this site because I just moved to Knoxville late last summer and I'm still trying to build a life here. I'm a research scientist, I study the chemistry of minerals. That means I'm uber-nerdy sometimes, so if you need someone to calculate the fuel economy of your car, identify a tree or you enjoy looking at stars through a telescope, I'm the one for you! :) I also play folk music on my guitar and attempt to sing, lately I've been playing irish stuff the most. I don't perform or anything, I don't practice enough for that, but I just play for the fun of it. I like the outdoors a lot too, I go hiking and kayaking and been jogging lately, but I'm up for a lot of different things. I can life far too seriously sometimes, other times I find everything funny.

Other things: I'm not religious at all, I don't like to watch sports and I'm on the left politically. I like to read, my favorite authors are Hemingway and London and I love going to art museums (well, almost any museum). I don't have any pets because I travel too much, but I have a bunch of plants, some flowering plants, some fruit or edible plants or others. Speaking of traveling, I do it a lot, mostly for my job, but also for fun -- sometimes for hiking and sometimes to Europe for more cultural activities (also for hiking too). I can cook, but not very often -- sometimes my interest outpaces my skill and I end up with some "adventurous" but not very tasty things. :o)

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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone cute and into some of the same things as me! :) I don't need to date another scientist necessarily, I'm not so introverted as that. Doing something that you're passionate about is really attractive to me, but its not necessarily your job. Speaking of passion, I think it's a must in a relationship, but so is friendship. If you like to travel, you'll get a lot of opportunities being with me (and I hope I get some opportunities being with you!). If you can take me to an interesting place I've never been before, you'll instantly make me a fan. You'll also make me a fan if you like to exercise because it's easier to do it on a regular basis if you have a partner. You have to be tolerant of me leaving once every couple of months for a week or so at a time for my job.

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