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Eye catcher placed here.
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  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Bakersfield California United States
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  Scruffy, Average
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About Me

I don't know what to really say. Just hit me up. I really haven't found much out there in the "sea," so I'm just kinda winging it. I am pretty carefree and fun. I like to laugh and make others laugh. I'm just a bit of a goofball and make the best of a life that needs a little work.

Right now, I'm not working because I'm recovering from shoulder surgery. Don't have a yon to offer right at this moment other than my kindness and sense of humor. I normally spend my time playing video games, watching movies, hanging out with my friends, playing sports, going on drives, hanging with my family, and just enjoying my life the best I can. I like to think I'm pretty funny. I make people laugh often, even if it's at my own expense. If you can't laugh at yourself, right?

I keep life simple. No games, no gimmicks, just fun. I like to yell random words or phrases in crowds, like kielbasa or table cloths have feeling too. I'm a dork. That's how I roll. Finding a dorky, fun loving person like myself is next to impossible.

If you're goofy, fun, nerdy, dorky, silly ( basically a bunch of words that nearly mean the same, but different at the same time), like to sit around and play video games, watch movies, or just talk. If you're adventurous, but can relax. If you're not trying to blow smoke up my ass by me reading "I'm ready for ________" and not be, might as well start with a pretty cool guy. Hint: me! Haha. Gentlemen and nice guys exist. Most women just go for ***hole and become bitter. Understandably so. We are around. Just look real hard.

When I'm not recovering from surgery, I'm very athletic and adventurous. I love going out of town and exploring things and places I've never seen. I played baseball for 15 years, soccer for 10, football for a couple years, and I skateboarded for 11 years. I also play my guitar from time to time. I always love learning new songs. My party days are over. I think it's time to think of my future, love wise.

I guess that's me in a nut shell. If you wanna talk to a goofy, fun, respectful guy, hit me up and get to know me.

What I'm Looking For

It's kind of hard to say. Something with more meaning, that's for sure. Not stoked about flings, but whatever may come, you gotta try to enjoy it.

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