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Guitarist Looking For Love
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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Illinois United States
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  Casual, Average
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About Me

Hobbies: I enjoy playing music. I play a number of instruments including the guitar, piano, cello, bass, viola, violin and I even sing. I also like psychology and am currently working towards my B.S. in school. I also love animals and enjoy going to the zoo often, in fact I used to work in a vet's office as an assistant (I have two bunnies).

Goals/aspirations: My #1 goal is to be a world-touring musician. I've put in a lot of time and effort into my music and I'd love to travel and spread my joy and musical influence to everyone. I'm also in a band currently where I play lead guitar and vocals. My backup plan which I'm currently going through with is to finish my degree in Finance and Economics.

Taste in Music: This list will go on forever so I'll keep it short. I like Rock, Metal, some new country/rock, old classic rock, orchesta, electro, trance, techno..basically anything that sounds good. My favorite band is My Chemical Romance.

I believe I'm unique because of the experiences which molded me into a person much more mature than most around my age. I'm a great listener, I can empathize and I've also learned the ability to enjoy the simple things in life a lot more like hiking and staring off into the stars at night [p.s. huge plus if you're a nature/animal fan like me]. They're experiences that I'd never trade for anything else even though they may have been hard at times. Oh, I also have a great sense of humor, I'm athletic (I workout 5x per week minimum), I can cook and I'm pretty much the last gentleman walking this Earth (meaning my morals are very important to me). Shoot me a message sometime =)

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What I'm Looking For

Girls that can cook (the more intricate and tasty the meals are the more brownie points you'll get), athletic, educated, morals (I want a GOOD girl), a nice smile, I'm a sucker for bubbly and upbeat personalities, sweetness, kind, generous, I have a soft spot for tomboys, girls that have interests which aren't just drinking and partying, a sense of humor, and not too high maintenance please (I know you want to look good but don't keep me waiting for two hours while you're in front of a mirror because chances are you already look good).

turn OFFS: Party girls, girls with a sense of entitlement, cheaters (biggest turn off - if you've ever cheated or thought about cheating, do not bother talking to me), egos, attitudes, a lack of intelligence.

Bottom line: I'm looking for a girl who has personality. A lot of girls like "movies" and "hanging out" but I want a girl who can either extrapolate on those OR tell me something completely out of character like "paint balling." Also, please don't just explain yourself as "laid back," most of you aren't anyways so don't lie.


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