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Dating is about finding a partner not a possession
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  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: North Bend Nebraska United States
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About Me

"Dating is an adventure, its about finding a partner not a posession." -my dad. My name is Adam. I am 23 and I will be 24 in October. I have lived in 7 different states, gone to 3 different highschools, 3 different middleschools, and 3 different elementary schools. I have seen and done a lot and I have friends all over the country and world. The states I lived in were: NE, KS, VA, SC, NM, AZ,and KY. I love to travel and see new things! I am spontaneous and I have no problem getting up and leaving when I want. So be ready to hold on for the ride!! Speaking of rides, I ride a motorcycle and absolutely love a long relaxing cruise on the bike. I also love to drive my car.
I am prior military and I still walk and talk like it so I hope that isn't an issue. I wasn't a sailor, but I sure do cuss like one! I was in the Army for two years and I met some of the coolest people while I was in. The military can change a person and make them grow into a molded warrior and they will fear nothing in the world when they are through with their enlistment. Nothing scares me now. I personally think it is a good thing and everyone should have to go through it. It makes you look at the world in a different way and you appreciate everything a lot more.
I enjoy all the little things in life and I am easily pleased. I am easy going and great to talk to. I love to be personable and I can relate to many people once I get to know them. That brings me to my job. I work as a Corrections Officer in a Juvenile Detention Center. This kind of job really calls for a special breed of people. Working with kids as not only a jailer, but a mentor and counselor allows for them to look up to me as their role model. I work with here today gone tomorrow kids that are in and out of group homes and in trouble with the law. The majority of these kids are just acting out and breaking the law, but mostly they just need an ear to listen. It is a challenging task to set aside the charges of these inmates and just look at them as the child that they are, but somehow I am able to complete that task everyday. Having this style of job has also opened my eyes to a world most people don't see.
I just completed the EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) course last semester in college and in next May I wll have an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice Law Enforcement. My goals in the next few years would be to be with the woman of my dreams, purchase a house of my dreams, and be working in Law Enforcement as a Police Officer.
I have been playing the drums for 12 years and it is a very relaxing time for me. I can speak some German and it is getting better. I would love to become Bilingual. I love to draw and sometimes paint also. Thats about good for me you can ask anything I may have missed! If you send me a message put your favorite music in it so i know you read this far. I love all kinds of music!

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What I'm Looking For

I am looking for a woman who is able to take care of herself. I look for a woman who is strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am tired of the "poor me syndrome" that I see in women these days. I don't feel sorry for anyone. I had a hard life and I am still here. "Life is like a poker game we all sit at the same table, but we are dealt many different hands"
You have to have a job, car, and live on your own just like I do (you would be surprised how many girls are already filtered out at this point). I am done meeting the parents on the first date when I pick her up.ha ha That is just awkward highschool stuff and I am way passed that and I would like to get to know you for a while before meeting your parents. There is a huge maturity level change between a woman that lives with her parents still and a woman that is on her own and pays her own bills. I have been on my own for nearly 6 years and I am done dating the ones still with mommy and daddy. Age isn't really important but It would be nice to meet a girl around my age so we can have a drink together. I have dated a wide range of age from 18-24 and it really has nothing to do with maturity at all. Some 24 year olds are worse than 18 year olds as far as maturity. I have also dated women with children. I like kids and I don't see them as baggage. I would love to have my own kids, but not until I find the girl of my dreams. It just gets hard when it doesn't work and it messes with the childrens heads. If you have kids please don't get them involved until you know for sure that we will be together for a while. It is much easier on me that way. I am looking for a woman that keeps me going most of all. If you are quiet, boring, or lazy look for someone else. Don't be shy either!! We only live once!!


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