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Is this sight alive???? Been here a month no one?
Online: 1310 days ago   Updated: 1312 days ago   Joined: 1332 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 48   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Lynchburg Virginia United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

I like laughter and fun and prefer positive over negative. I don't let a number determine how I live my life. Im very open and honest or I feel that there is no sense in even trying to date. Don't we all want to be ourselves and comfortable around each other? I live in Lynchburg VA. I would not mind moving though, I miss the shore and Im thinking FL. sounds nice. Ive lived in five states and held many strange jobs, strange but cool, Safe making, Cell Tower building ect... so seven trades means I can find work anyplace that pays decent enough. Im not afraid to try new things either.
Im single for four going on five years now and have adapted but would prefer to be with someone eventually. I find that dating is not so great as it is made out to be. Scammers on sights make that rough as well, so please if that is what you are, save it.... who gives anything to someone online they don't know? NOT ME so please don't waste our time. Sorry but Im sure those of you who aren't scammers will understand why I wrote that.
Im versatile, Ill try most anything with an open mind and prefer to find positive even from what might seem negative in life, its all a mind set. Im looking to share a relationship with an awesome person, as is!
I don't want anyone to change who they are one bit because honest is free and no need for lies if there is nothing to hide. If I sound like someone worth meeting to you then hit me up. Thank you for your time.

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What I'm Looking For

Working hard to better my life and be happy. Do I have it all together? Do you? Not all of us can say yes. I do not have all I want but have ambition and will to not give up, yes goals I have them too. Honestly Im tired of alone, sex without love. Anyone can get sex, Im tired of no love. I just want real. A goal for me is to find that special girl and rock her world every way I can. To make her as happy as she wants to be and to build a life with her as an equal part of each other. I think that's what we are all wanting too, words my vary but meanings the same. Of course it all starts with friendship building trust.

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