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Hey world!
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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Denton Texas United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Athletic, Average
  Scruffy, Average, Casual
Eye Colour:
Hair Length:
  Very Short, Shaven, Short   Medium
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Colour:
  Brown, Blonde
About Me

I am not normal. I am constantly thinking of at least 3 things at once, it's exciting unless i'm trying to get one thing done. When I write or am working on an art piece I usually have to have music and the TV on to keep the other tracks of my mind occupied. I'm very intelligent. I can tell you everything from how to change a tire to how far away a gravitational lens would have to be from the sun to be able to take advantage of gravitational light bending. I'm an artist, i'm an athlete, and i'm a geek. I feel like I can interact with all three of those categories of people but there are very few people in my life that I feel truly comfortable with. I know a lot of people but I have only three really close friends. I meet women in the real world and I wont lie about 90% are fun to look at and I could absolutely tell them exactly what they want to hear but that's not fair to them or me. Looks aren't everything, I'm here the find the rare beauty with brains. If I wanted to go meet girls that talk about jersey shore I could do that at a bar.
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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone who I can carry an interesting conversation with. They also have to take care of themselves physically. They don't have to have a six pack or anything but healthy body weight is important. Mens sana in corpore sano.

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