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The Basics
  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: Phoenix Arizona United States
The Details
  Scruffy, Average
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  Average, A few extra pounds
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About Me

Hi! My name is Abram.
I love to play and compose music. All of my works have a part of me inside them. I put my heart into my music. I guess if you know me you know I never just stick to one side of the story. I do have to admit In my life I have been through a lot, that is why I am who I am, so that is why I take my life seriously by trying to live as happy as I can. I consider myself a musical artistictype of person. music. I not the kind of guy who just wants the physical benefit in relationships. I don't believe love is sex, but when two become a team as one. I really want to just find a new friend and who knows maybe more? I am currently going to MCC to get my Gen-Eds done. I work at SMCC doing theatre doing tech. Its a really awesome job, but my goals are to be a great sound designer/composer for an awesome game or movie. I am getting there!
I am really good at editing films sometimes, edit/record/compose music, and I LOVE TO REMIX Songs. I am also very musically talented. I can detect any pitch(perfect pitch), sing, and I play in mariachi bands(Just to name a few). I am really tech savvy.

What I'm Looking For

Somebody with similar standards of living as I do. Someone how doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, and hasn't slept with a lot of guys. I need someone to be my co-pilot/ partner in life..

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