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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Georgia United States
The Details
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About Me

STRENGTHS: kind, sweet, caring, not ugly, sense of humor, above average intellect, respectful, like to spoil my girl, sexually satisfying, strong mind, confident but not c*cky, very mature in some areas

WEAKNESSES: not all macho (physically or mentally), not wealthy, undecided future, picky, rather immature in some aspects

Green mentality, prioritize well being and human satisfaction over profit and greed, philosophical, spiritual- not religious, crave affection
Relationship values: honesty, communication, effort, patience, understanding, exclusive love
Prefer snuggling under a blanket watching a movie rather than going clubbing/partying.
I value quality over quantity with friends and other relationships.
Hobbies are more art based than sport.. I like drawing, writing poetry/songs, fantasy related activities..
Music varies, but I value meaningful lyrics (no radio bs) I like rap beats, rock instrumental, alternative trippy music..

What I'm Looking For

I am very picky... (I am not shallow; shallow means I only care about appearance, and not the rest. I DO care about appearance, but also the rest) I don't want a stick or a whale- I want a healthy medium. I want someone nice, no b*tches. You don't have to be a genius, but if you are so ditzy that you can't hold a conversation, it isn't going to work. I prefer someone with a personality.. meaning you are your own person with your own views and beliefs, basically not an oblivious follower. I respect people following a religion to an extent (I value one having values), but if you are so in love with an imaginary figment that it comes before people in your life, then I label you crazy/ignorant, and you will not be compatible with me. I personally do believe in a concept of God, but chances are it's not the "God" in which you believe. I want someone down to Earth, easy going, who realizes that the stress that is life is inevitable for everyone. I prefer someone with a dark side (whether it's a morbid curiosity, mere horror flick interest, gore fascination, etc. at least to the extent that you can be open minded enough to not mind that aspect of me, because simply put, it is a part of me. Life thus far has molded me as such). I want someone with an appreciation for nature; if you prefer a fancy-shmancy strip mall complex over a forest or park, then your values will most likely not be compatible with mine. I also prefer someone with my ethnicity (white) and shorter than me (<5'9"). I'm aware I have narrowed my preferences to the point that I am unlikely to find someone, but that was the purpose of me creating this profile on an internet dating site in the first place.

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