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I am reliable, ironic, and serious
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  Age: 35   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: MILANO Italy
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  In Need of Attention, Scruffy
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About Me

I'm just a get-along, honest and caring boy, some would consider me a computer geek and might be right...

Other than that I'm an extremely easy going person.
I like simple things and being simple, life is complicated and we don't need to add extra layers unless it's necessary.

I'm also patient, straightforward and of course stubborn as the other side of the coin.
I like being myself and getting along with people which is usually easy, at least until somebody tries to change me into something I'm not.

In a relationship I'm ready to listen, understand and make compromises, however this doesn't mean I'll just bend for peace sake without a serious reason.
I believe compromise has to be made by both parties in order to reach a solution and a discussion is the process of finding one rather than a battle of wills.

I also like to think that a relationship is not a fusion of the couple's minds and time into one shapeless blob but rather sharing something together without shutting out the rest of the world.

That said, I'm not really good at describing myself, just contact me...

Sono un ragazzo semplie e onesto e mi prendo cura delle persone che mi sono vicine.

Preferisco non complicarmi la vita con cose inutili e punto dritto al nocciolo dove possibile fino a quando riesco ad essere me stesso.

Sono paziente, onesto e preferisco dire le cose in faccia, in una relazione sono sempre pronto ad ascoltare capire e scendere a compromessi.
Questo però non significa piegarsi per evitare il conflitto, ma semplicemente è parte di un processo dove ambo le parti cercano una soluzione anzichè cercare di dimostrare chi ha ragione.

Penso inoltre che una relazione non sia la fusione di anima e corpo di entrambi in un'entità inseparabile e senza volontà individuale ma semplicemente essere se stessi e condividere la nostra parte migliore.

Detto ciò, descrivermi non è mai stato il mio forte, basta conoscermi per farsi un'idea di ciò che sono.

I am reliable, ironic, and serious

What I'm Looking For

You should message me if
If you liked what you read, or even if you hated it.
In the end just drop a line you want, as long as you don't mind having a mature conversation.
Or if you're lonely and need somebody to listen to you, that's something i'm pretty good at.

I'm generally a nice and straightfoward guy so worst case you'll walk with one more friend.
I always like to confront myself with different opinions and views of life and can discuss pretty much about anything that is not on MTV.


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