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This is me...take it or leave it!
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The Basics
  Age: 37   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Hartford Wisconsin United States
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  Occaisional smoker
  Clean Cut
  Yes - living with me
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About Me

I am a single mom of a 12 yr. old daughter named Celeste and a 4 year old daughter named Zarina. My kids mean everything to me. I can't imagine life without them. I work not only to improve myself, but to be at my best for them. I am not afraid to speak my mind. You can feel free to ask me anything and I will give you an honest answer or opinion. I am NOT about playing games or messing with people. Those kind of people I stay away from. I'm very caring, supportive, and encouraging. I love to make the people around me happy any little way that I can. I am a bit of a smart ass and have a sarcastic sense of humor sometimes. I go by the "if you can dish it out, you better be able to take it" rule.
I am an aspiring graphic designer who is currently attending classes at Moraine Park. I only have the fall semester left to complete and I will be done at the end of December. I love all types of art, but graphics suit me well, and I just have an eye for it. I do plenty of side projects, and have even designed some of my own tattoos. I have a great deal of confidence in my creativity, and find encouragement in sharing it with others.
I am not quite where I want to be in my life yet, but I'm am continually working to get there. I am very determined and strong minded. I have been through a lot of hard times, plenty of struggles, and I am just trying to get my life on track. I'm at a point in my life where I try to focus less on disappointments and more on the beauty in everything else around me. Life is too short to suffer over what's out of your control. You have to enjoy being who you are, and find strength in yourself.
I like to have fun with people and enjoy the most of the time I get with them. I like to talk and learn about others. I'm funny, goofy, laid back and open minded. :) I am very honest about the kind person I am. I feel that's the only way to be. I ask that others are honest and upfront with me too, and I do not tolerate arrogance. I'm not a judgemental person. We all have our own situations for a reason and no one is perfect. It's just a matter of making the best of what you have because any situation can be changed or turned around. Despite the many disappointments I have faced, I always look at the good things I learned from them.
Overall, I have a very LARGE personality and a large heart to go with it; which is something people just have to see on their own. I am not here to impress or feel I have anything to prove to anyone. This is just who I am, take it or leave it. I love my time with my kids but I also like to hang out with friends, go out for drinks, do all kinds of activities outdoors, exercising, watch movies, play pool, I'm very big into music, and the list goes on. I'm pretty open to ideas and I just like to have a good time in good company.

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What I'm Looking For

For starters, I am not looking for anything serious right now. I would just like to find people to be friends with and maybe one day I'll find the friendship that will lead to something more. I look for people who are motivated, honest, upfront, have a good sense of humor, not afraid to be silly, can hold a good conversation, and just enjoy the little things in life. These are some of the initial points I look for. I like people who are willing to do different types of activities. Of course I want people who will be social, but also laid back. I guess I am looking for people who's personality is as vast as my own.

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