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Simple, Smart and Funny...
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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Huntington Beach California United States
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About Me

1- I consider myself smart and I can't handle stupid people.
2- I enjoy spending time with the quiet nature and my favorites are the Moon and Sea.
3- Sometimes I like being silent but watching. Active talkers annoy me.
4- I have never smoked a cigarette (just tasted it when I was a little boy), been drunk, or taken any hallucinogenic drug.
5- I enjoy making others laughing even by doing stupid things.
6- I like walking, running and cycling.
7- I don’t like games which I have no control over.
8- When I'm very lazy to clean or wash dishes, I use my headphone; listen to music and it's done then.
9- I'm most attracted to simple, dare and smart girls.
10- Helping people and raising them up is raising me up as well.
11- I began working when I was 11 years old.
12- Intellectual part of me is exceeding the emotional part.
13- I don’t sleep during the day. Sleeping hours around 6-8.
14- I like watching Comedy, Drama, Animation and Action movies especially when it's based on true stories.
15- I insist on what I believe and I never argue at the same time.
16- I evaluate people by how they evaluate things.
17- I have a weak roads memory and strong memory for faces and conversations.
18- I hate the traditional stuff we do just because it's traditional.
19- I TRY to accept people as they are without thinking to change them as it's not an easy job so why I put myself in that headache !
20- I'm very accurate in dates and time (+/- 5 minutes accuracy)
21- I'm playing violin since July, 2008.

What I'm Looking For

I am new in the twon and you know how this is so hard, i wasnt alone ever but am in this situation looking for new friends who i can trust and have fun with.
Simple, dare, funny and smart girls get my attention.


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