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Just tring my best.
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The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Massillon/Stark Ohio United States
The Details
Body Type:
  None but want some soon
  Smokes only when drinking
Eye Colour:
  Brown, Hazel
Hair Length:
  Very Short
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Colour:
About Me

Hi my name is Chris. Im kind of lost with love. Not because im un sure about my sexuality, but because ive been hurt over and over again. Im vary sensitive but im not over baring. I dont understand what i do wrong or what ive done to be in a situation where im now looking to dating sites. Im not a bad person but im not perfect. Im only human so i belive that should be enough to tell people. Im in college and graduated high school 2 years ago with a 3.7 GPA. I am curently unemployed due to being layed off from my former job as a cashier. The store i worked at went out of buisness, so now im looking for another job. I love music. Music is the best way to learn about who a person is. I listen to alot of rock and heavy metal. I love 70's and 80's rock and metal, while still enjoying todays new bands and groups. But i listen to much of other things such as rap, screamo, pop, and even some country. I also enjoy playing video games. I spend alot of my free time playing them. Role Playing Games (RPG) are my favorite games out there. I love Morrowind and Oblivion and The Fable series. Im the oldest brother of 5 biological sybolings and the 3rd oldest out of all my brothers and sisters. I live in ohio and lived with my grandmother till i was able to move away. while the rest still live in my home town Daytona Beach, Florida. But some have moved to Alabama. I love my brothers and sisters. I am also a animal lover and do my best to respect the world around me.
What I'm Looking For

Im looking for someone who is willing to show me the love i will show back. I will NEVER cheat on my lover and i will NEVER lie. the best way to keep a healthy relationship is by trust and that is something i will never break. Im not looking for a certian "type" as most people would put out there. and if you would put me in any "type" or cattagory.....well people arond me call me a emo/goth. Yes i do have this kind of trait in me, but i dont agree with it. My hair is black but its all natural. I enjoy peircings and tattoos, and dark clothing. But i dont care what the person i fall in love dresses in. I look for whats under the shell. I want someone that wont take me too seirous when i have my bad days and someone that will laugh at me when im being an idiot. I love laughing and i want someone to be able to laugh at the past with. I DO NOT WANT A SEX PARTNER, I want a lover. Ive never realy thought about marrage but i will consider it. Children....yes. I love kids and i love spending time with them and making them lauugh.

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