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Romantic, Intellectual, Outdoors Girl, where R U?
Online: 2127 days ago   Updated: 2135 days ago   Joined: 2135 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 54   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Charlotte, Latta Plantation area North Carolina United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Yes - not living with me
  Occaisional smoker
Eye Colour:
Hair Length:
  Very Short
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Colour:
About Me

~I laugh at myself always, so obviously I'm funny (or at least funny lookin')
~Good lookin’ (see "funny lookin", above)
~Trustworthy (feeding my sisters dogs while she's away, and one's still alive)
~Absolutely LOVE kids (especially sauteed in butter, with a salad on the side) hehe, j/k... really, I'm kidding!
~Easy but not cheap... oops, sorry, I meant "easy-going"... but I'm that too!
~Caring. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Unfortunately I just did laundry... currently checking lint trap

Hi! That was my comedic intro to break the ice :)

Like some of you, I’m here hoping to find love. I’m not a booty call kinda guy. Rather, I’m a genuine Romantic. Seeking a best friend to stand back to back with, and together take on the world; respecting and believing in each other. I honestly do believe in chivalry. The Little Things are what keep people in love. I highly value kindness toward others, and I'm a big fan of integrity. I really like traditional Romance, and the whole process of wooing and courting. I think it should continue the entire life of a relationship. If you find this type of thing too mushy for your tastes, then we wouldn't be a match.

I make my partner a priority in my life and would like to expect the same in return.
An exciting night in the city is fun, but I also identify with nature & wildlife, so it’d be great if you like to camp or just enjoy being in the wilderness. My purple Jeep has big tires and rarely has the roof or doors on. Wildlife Biology is big in my life, and I'm often doing volunteer endangered species research. I've worked on jaguars, lions, bears, foxes, fish, birds, etc. You'd be very welcome to come along!

Adventures are important, so at least one exotic destination is on the horizon (think south Pacific... or a train ride across some continent). I'd love a traveling partner. But adventures can also be local. Playing pool with bikers in a dive is just as much fun as dressing up for the Hilton, impromptu strip poker, garage sales, art festivals, people-watching, a walk through the woods or along the beach, exploring small towns or packing the tent for a weekend. Picnic, or drive-in movie, anyone? Often it's the unexpected things that are the most fun.
I'm a song writer guitarist. If you want to see me move and talk, and play a few of the tunes I wrote (there's 3). Do a search for WunGoodGuy on youtube if you'd like.
I've got music videos!

Unusual quirks?
~I love coffee ridiculously strong (French press, grinder, etc.)
~I collect Science Fiction books and instruments
~Often cook naked (bacon is a challenge)

I'm full of contradictions: Non-Political Environmentalist, Romantic Engineer, Sensitive Bad Boy. Hopefully that makes me interesting, lol. I'm totally new to North Carolina. In fact, I'm still in the process of settling in. Very much looking forward to exploring. Join me?

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What I'm Looking For

This is a somewhat long profile. But if you are a true Romantic, laugh at silly things and really like adventure... then it'll be worth your time to read it to the end :)

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don't walk behind me, I may not lead; Walk beside me & just be my friend"
I really like that quote. It truly describes what I'm looking for.

These are some of the things that would make us compatible.
~are heavily Romantic, adventurous and kind to others
~can get away occasionally for spontaneous fun... near or far!
~love to laugh, as I find humor in everything
~are okay with Public Displays of Affection (within reason)
~are relatively fit & trim
~are open minded & curious about new or unusual things
~are a lover of nature & wildlife

If you have children, that's fine w/ me. We get along quite well.

Last thing… if you're the suspicious type we won’t hit it off.

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT: I don’t believe trust needs to be earned. You DO have my trust UNTIL you lose it. Please be the same.
Thank you for reading. If we’ve things in common, say hi! Good luck!

"...following your heart does work in the end... after countless disasters in which it's broken, your heart matures and learns to love differently" -Razare


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