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The big question....."Why are you still single?"
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  Age: 49   Gender: Female   Race: Other   Location: Kansas United States
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  Blonde, Red
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About Me

The big question....."Why are you still single?" Because I choose not to settle for whatever comes my way. I choose to be with that amazing person that loves me unconditionally, has my back and I have his. My best friend and lover.

When my headphones are on, I am happy. I am a voice over artist. I love good movies with substance, cooking with that special someone. Laughing is huge to me. It's the best medicine I know. I have a beautiful son in college, whom I am very proud of.

We all go thru good and bad times. We should love each other through it, not cut off your best support. Life is short. No time for games or secrets. I'm not down with the whole sporadic, yo-yo act. Get your life together before you try to invade mine with your nonsense.

I have been promised the moon and the stars. I don't need that bs. Just someone genuine, unselfish and loyal.

I believe if you treat her like a Queen, she will in turn, treat you like a King. The best way to capture a woman is through her heart. At least I know it is for me. If you don't have my heart, you have nothing.

It would be nice to have the right person to share and add happiness to both of our lives.

If you do not have pictures or are just looking for a one night stand, scurry along or I will block you.

If you get upset and try to snap at me for not responding quickly enough to you....blocked.

If you are looking for a skinny minny, I am not your gal. I have curves with some extra meat on the bone. lol

I am ready for a relationship with a gem of a man.

Thanks for reading.

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What I'm Looking For

The one I look at every day and appreciate, respect and desire him. Hopefully, I will get that in return. Passionate, unselfish, understanding. I have fibromyalgia (google it) I am not handicapped but it certainly gives me extra challenges in life. More love and security would definitely slow down the pain.

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