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Smile when....
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  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Lynchburg Virginia United States
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

Hello, My name is Meghan

Beauty can and will continue to be defined in a number of different ways some people would say people see beauty differently. With this statement I agree yes seeing a nice looking girl and saying shes hot doesn't define her beauty. I say all this to say that no I might not be a 10 but I have beauty and someone will see that... if your not attracted to me im okay with that why would I want to spend my time with someone who doesn't look at me an melt a little inside? Every girl isn’t for every guy clearly and I wont stop till I find the one I was suppose to be with yes I believe in love true long lasting love. So if you don’t STOP reading now.

I work for Jcrew and a local Church to do graphic design and I love every moment of it. I take classes online currently. I look forward to waking up in the morning so many people don’t get that chance. I love sports to play and watch im a UNC tarhell during Basketball season a Miami Hurricane during football season and a Boston Red sox during Baseball season. I like to go on bike rides to dance in the rain to have picnics im southern not country. I’m a hopeless romantic if you like your girl to text you leave you vmails to make you sweet little things dinner and other things im your girl. I love to be creative and I try to convey that in my everyday life. Yes I have been hurt in the past who hasn’t I don’t allow it affect my future relationships.
My Relationship with my Heavenly Father is the most important relationship in my Life i would love to work in Minstry my whole life i currently work in Youth Ministry.Finally why am i on this site? i am on here to fins a guy who would love to go out and treat me like a Woman but then stay in somenights and cuddle. who gets along with my family and who calls me at night to tell me he loves.Also it helps if you like to dress well i work in fashion so ... but i will be the first one to say sweats are great! but class is always a plus in my book.

I hope to hear from yall soon :)

Smile When …..its hard to when....you think no one cares.....when you cant thats when you need it most.

What I'm Looking For

Someone who is well manned and know what it is like to treat a lady also i need a guy who knows what it means to dress casual cute as well as comfy cute im sorry boys im not attracted to your 12 year old holy boxers.... clean cut is they way to my heart:) that is the outside

inside i want a guy who compliments by saying your beautiful etc i dont fins it cute when a guy mentions someone else being hot but boys will be boys when i leave either a conversation with you or hanging out i should feel like im a princess not because you wait on me hand and foot but because you made me feel that good about myself just from being with you i dhould feel like i can conquer anything.


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