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I love meeting new people.
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: California United States
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About Me

I'm Juan Palomino. I'm currently 17. Yes, I am single. I have graduated from Chula Vista High School on June 01, 2011. My graduation took place at Southwestern College. At Chula Vista High School, I was not only a school student, but I was also a stage tech student. I had 2 years experience as a stage tech student. My stage tech teacher was Mr.Batchman. I have teched the "Wildcat Katie Brown" Play (April,2010), "The Curse of the Werewolf" Play (October-November, 2010), the "AVATAR" Homecoming (also performed in it)(November, 2010), "Illinois Jane and The Pyramid of Peril" Play (April, 2011), The "After Hours" Play (April, 2011), "Salem's Daughter" (April 2011), "Loonies and Snatchers" (April, 2011) at Chula Vista High School, and the "Grease" Play (July, 2010) at Eastlake High School. Plus, I was a member of the Trash Can Crew and a representative of the After School Program News on C.V.T.V at C.V.H.S. On May 18, 2011, I graduated from the Teen Police Academy. My instructor (or teacher) was Angela Gaines. I would like to thank her and all police officers that made the Teen Police Academy possible. I am a part of the Chinese Kenpo Federation. It is a school of self-defense. I've been trained in Kenpo (a form of Martial Arts) for 10 years. Currently, I'm a Brown Belt 1st Degree. My instructor is Professor Pete Salas. My hobbies are the internet, audio and video editing, creating video games, music making, video and photo shooting, paintball gun battles, and traveling.
What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for any women close to my age, funny, beautiful, and intelligent. I also look for women that when going out on date--for example, do not grab attention from the public in such a bad way.

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