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Hi everyone! Hope y'all are having a good day.
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The Basics
  Age: 32   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

Where to start? I'm a college graduate but looking to get my Master's and then start my own business that allows me to give back. School starts in October so I'm hoping to find the right job by then. I'm spoiled, I've had jobs I loved so much, it never felt like work. Now, I won't settle for anything less.

Honesty is a big part of who I am. I'll tell you what I think and feel whenever you ask. You may not agree or like it, but I hope you can respect it. I'll always respect and value your perspective.

I'm a very laid back woman when with loved ones. I'm almost always having fun with them. They are my everything and I'd do anything for them. I don't have "friends," I have family. Once you've proven to me that you are good person with a good heart, you're my family.

It's funny because my family is always giving me grief (in that joking way) about how much I laugh. I am almost finding an excuse to laugh: watching funny movies/shows, watching bloopers and especially goofing around with my family. I know when to buckle down and get down to business, but if I don't need to do that, I'm laughing. I can't explain it, it's just a feel-good thing, I guess.

Don't get me wrong, I have my faults, I just hope my desire to be a force of good keeps the faults at bay as long as possible.

Hobbies: movies/tv, music, dancing, reading, football, and relaxing.

I try to live as healthy as possible, eating well and exercising. But, I'll occasionally treat myself. Cutting yourself off from little treats completely is a receipe for disaster.

That's me in a nutshell.

What I'm Looking For

Wow. I used to be so picky but now all that's important is that he be a good man with a good heart and educated. Another important quality is to be open minded.

I want something like my parents have: a true love and respect for each other. They knew there'd be many different tests, they'd unintentionally hurt each other, but they wanted to work through all of that and be a team forever.

Also someone who's honest and openly shares his thoughts/feelings is great because all we have is now.


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