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Hello to All!!!
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  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Barringotn Illinois United States
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About Me

Let's see what can you say about me. Well, i love video games. I play them just about everyday. I don't have a favorite type i just like playing good games. I work full time overnights and go to school full time. I'm a sophomore at Harper college. I get good grades for the most part. What else... oh I'm a sucker for romance novels and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I love having a good debate. The more intense the better. Everyone the knows me calls me Tosh.0.2 I'm a big fan of Manga and Anime. I love Roman, Greek, Japanese, Europe and Middle eastern history.

I'm Very laid back. You have to really try hard to get me mad. I love laughing and having a good time.

I suck at flirting and trying to charm the ladies. I'm not that guy who can go into a club and pick up 3 girls at once. I'm that guy who want's to go out doing whatever and liking each other for just being ourselves.

I'm very observant and analytical, I notice things that most people tend to over look. Like if someone's is moving differently then last week or there speech pattern is off. I don't try to but I just seem to pick it up naturally.

One thing that really sets me apart is that I will always act on beliefs and convictions. Of course this doen't mean i go around robbing banks all week (thats on mondays) It mean if i believe in something i will act on it.

Another thing about me is I'm very good at playing out events in my head and seeing there out come with great accuracy. I'm almost never surprised by what people do or how events play out. Don't take this as being arrogant or stuck up. My brain just does it on its own.

Some would say I'm to laid back and i don't take life seriously enough. I take my friends and family problems and concerns very seriously. But i dont see the point of getting worked up if you know the outcome.

What I'm Looking For

I guess im looking for a easy going girl with a good sense of humor who's smart. I'm super easy going and almost never get upset. Now i dont like to consider myself shallow but i want a girl who im attracted to and vise-verse. So please message me if you find me interesting and you are looking for a fun time.

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