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Let's laugh together!
Online: 2394 days ago   Updated: 2433 days ago   Joined: 2433 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 42   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: California United States
The Details
  None, None but want some soon
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  Very Long
About Me

Who I am? ...a confident, successful, free spirited European girl, who enjoys staying active and fit.
I would expect all of my friends to describe my as loyal, trustworthy, fair, honest, empathic, intuitive, sharp, stylish, artsy, and full of integrity.
I tend to always be upbeat, full of energy, and extremely positive... very few situations ever get me down...

I'd like to say that I know how to be a true woman and lady. A woman who knows who she is and is not afraid to let a man be a man, even if he makes mistakes. A woman who is respectful and supportive. I am not afraid to be a partner and be able to express my feelings and opinions.

I’d like to mention traits OTHER THAN beauty... like intelligence, character, confidence, charm, trustworthiness, kindness...

I also love to laugh every day. Humor is a large part of my life and I'm not afraid of your quick wit and sarcasm...

Big nature lover and I enjoy staying healthy, beautiful and in balance with yoga and Pilates. Outdoors activity like hiking, snowboarding, or just simple watching the sunset lifts my spirit. I love rock concerts and live comedy shows.

Simply I love to enjoy life with everything it has to offer...

How about to start with a smile and simple hello?

What I'm Looking For

It's not about quantity...it's about quality.
I'm looking for a special connection with one guy.

The man I'm looking for is going to be confident, intelligent, and self motivated.
He likes to be active. He knows that nights on the couch watching a movie are nice... and so is hiking, exploring a museum, or finding a private beach to enjoy.

Ideally, we have similar interests so we can have fun. It's about making a connection on multiple levels.
I enjoy the company of a male especially if he is genuine...trust is everything to me in a relationship. Honesty and trust between two people is special and one of the greatest experiences there is to have...would love to meet someone with an inner beauty, someone that's graceful and composed yet can let go and join in on a good pillow fight!

Someone who is open to many different ideas and is not threatened by a strong, sensitive, intelligent woman. Someone who is creative on many levels, who is flexible, who takes delight in the miracles available every day. Someone who is committed to speaking the truth, but who is equally committed to doing so with kindness.
Someone who knows that the mind is the most erotic muscle, and tries to have their own ideas, which is tough to do these days.
An intelligent man who has diverse intellectual interests, who is into fitness, and who can laugh about joining a site called "SixSingles." (I'm willing to lie about how we met). "Model" looks are not important to me, but energetic fit appearance is appreciated.

I am not searching for perfection, but it would be nice to meet a new friend, feel a connection, and begin a new adventure.
So feel free to email me & let's see if we 'Click'.


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